[NEWS] New group to debut on April 12

The new four-member male idol group,, formed by Contents Storage Company, will be making their debut on April 12th. plans to release its debut single album “I’ll Become Famous” online and offline on April 12.

Ahead of their debut, the four members have been cast in the Korea-Indonesa collaborative drama “I Love You… I Love You…”. The drama features a romance that reaches across Korea and Indonesia. It will be directed by Indonesia’s Indrayanto Kurniawan, and will star the popular Indonesian actresses Revalina S Temat and Rini Yulianti.

The four members, Yoo Hang Hoon, Jo Hoon, Im Jong Hyun and Kim Eung Joo, will be appearing as a boy group in the drama as the equivalent of the F4 in “Boys over Flowers.” will also participate in the soundtrack of the series.

Source: TV Report
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net