[NEWS] Netizens Express Curiosity Over JuYeon’s ‘Bang-Style’

Why does JuYeon always wear her hair with bangs?

This is the question raised by netizens after a collage of pictures featuring JuYeon and her ‘Bang-Style’ were uploaded to online community boards. These selcas were taken by JuYeon and uploaded to her personal social networking pages.

Ever since JuYeon debuted with After School in 2009 she has worn her hair with bangs. Netizens went as far back as 2007 and looked at photographs of JuYeon which proved her ‘Bang-Style’ has been around for a long time.

Though she sometimes cuts them, bangs are a prominent part of every hairstyle JuYeon wears. Because of this netizens got curious over the reasoning behind JuYeon’s constant ‘Bang-Style’.

Some netizens speculated that JuYeon covered her forehead due to a scar while others left comments like “I want to see your real look without bangs” and “I’m really curious” among other reactions.

Article: Nate + Trans: AfterSchoolDaze