[News] Moon HeeJun : “Taemin is my in my line - love to dance and sings well”

During the 7 (April) Immortal Song 2 broadcast, the MC asked Taemin “Among all the sunbaes/seniors from SM Company, who are you “connected” to? (S/N : I think what the MC is asking Taemin is who he is similar to/ close to) Moon Heejun immediately replied (for Taemin), “It is (definitely) Me or Jang Woohyuk, (we) love to dance and sing…” Then Heejun continued “.. (so) thank you very much!” which caused everyone to burst into laughter.

S/N : Moon Heejun is a H.O.T member, which was also a group under SM.

Source : http://www.tvreport….view&idx=213892
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