[NEWS] MBLAQ's Lee Joon confesses that HyoSung from Secret is her ideal type

That's right, Lee Joon of MBLAQ confessed that Hyosung from Secret is his ideal type. Recently, on KBS "Happy Together 3" Lee Joon and Sunhwa of Secret were among the guests for the show. The two had quite a row after Sunhwa revealed that at first she did not want to come out on the show with Lee Joon just after she has recovered her image.

Sunhwa said, "At first I told my mother that I was going to appear as a guest with Lee Joon on a variety show and then she told me not to accept it. I just have recovered my image from my airport fashions and CF's and she asked me why would I appear as guest with Lee Joon again" and so after hearing this, Lee Joon did not keep his silence and told her that he doesnt think there's anything wrong with him being the same guest as her on the same show and then Sunhwa later apologized. After this Lee Joon said, "Actually my ideal type is Hyosung but now I am a fan of Sunhwa after seeing a new side to her" causing much laughter.

Source: Nate