[NEWS] Leeteuk reveals his miserable childhood

Super Junior leader, Leeteuk, who never fails to smile reveals a very sad story from his past.

On April 27, MBC aired a special documentary "Super Junior Dreams of K-POP Legend" featuring the group's concert in Paris, France.

Leeteuk said, "Training for 5 years, I am uncertain if I'll be successful in this career. I feel so unlucky? I think I would be happier if i was born in richer and better family," and added that he is always looking for happiness.

Upon asking what's the situation before he debuted, Super Junior's leader started to tear off and is not able to hold back his tears, he said, "I haven't talked about this before..." and confessed that his parents don't have good relationship.

He continued, "My parents are always fighting and I always got hit many times before. Since elementary I'm always stressed out. I hate my father and I am scared of him."

"During my training, I always asked myself if this is really what I want. I wanted to be successful as fast as I could."

Meanwhile, the broadcast also features other members' daily life and behind the scenes from the concert.

Source: Nate
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net