[NEWS] Leeteuk is ready for the concert!

Super Junior is heading to Paris, France for their solo concert and all the members are excited and happy to meet their French fans.

On the 2nd day of April, a new Twitter update has been posted by Super Junior's leader Leeteuk. He is excited for the concert and said "Will done the concert well in France and back safety!!!^^ This is the first personal concert so will put all the efforts on it!!! Ahh!! And then!! The phone will be continued!! A place of communication will be produced well then tell everyone when I reach home!!".

Leeteuk assures you that they will do well in the concert and will leave a great memories with the fans. He also said that his phone will stay on and maybe to receive messages or calls from the fans. 

However, Leeteuk's prank annoyed a normal citizen because Leeteuk tried to fool their fans so he tweeted an incomplete number, the last 3 digits are missing so the netizens thought that it is 004 but it turned out that it is not Leeteuk's real number but a normal citizen's number.

Source: Leeteuk's Twitter
Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net