[news] Lee Seung Gi bids farewell to Strong Heart and misses Kang Ho Dong

Lee Seung Gi bids farewell to his strong heart family. On the latest episode of SBS "Strong Heart" which aired the YG Family Special Part 2, Lee Seung Gi couldn't help but tear up on his last episode as the MC of the variety show.

On the show, all the guests gathered and supported Lee Seung Gi as a farewell tribute was shown by the staff. Lee Seung Gi shared, "I remember the first time I stood in this show as an MC. I was so nervous as I do not have a lot of experience in being an MC for a variety show but now I have been the MC for this show for over 3 years already. I thank all my Strong Heart family and also the guests. I also miss Kang Ho Dong whom I started this journey together with and I wish he was here with me too."

He continued, "Even if I became the sole MC, I was very afraid but the crew and fans helped me and supported me a lot. Thank you so much. I will leave saying my thanks to all those who supported me". Meanwhile, Lee Dong Wook will be taking his place as the sole MC of Strong Heart and his first episode will be aired on the 10th of April.

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net