[NEWS] Lee Jaehoon is jealous of Kim Soohyun?

TV Report had the chance to interview the two stars of new movie Introduction to Architecture which is also known as Architecture 101. Miss A's maknae Suzy and her co-star Lee Jaehoon talked about their latest movie.

Suzy revealed that Lee Jaehoon was jealous of Kim Soohyun who she used to be partnered on her drama Dream High. Suzy had a romance with Kim Soohyun on Dream High and Lee Jaehoon on their new movie Introduction to Architecture.

Suzy said that many people were wondering who she likes more between Kim Soohyun and Lee Jaehoon. Suzy honestly answered the question by saying "I've been asked many times who I like more between Kim Soohyun oppa and Lee Jaehoon sunbaenim so during an interview, I chose Kim Soohyun because I am closer to him than Lee Jaehoon sunbaenim. It happened that Jaehoon sunbaenim watched the broadcast and called me saying "You chose Kim Soohyun? I felt very sorry"

Suzy concluded by saying "I realized that I should not pick one now. I didn't mean that although I know that Lee Jaehoon sunbaenim was just joking, I still feel ashamed."

Source: TV report
Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net