[NEWS] Lee Dong Wook shares his thoughts on his first recording as MC on Strong Heart

Actor and Hallyu star Lee Dong Wook shares his thoughts on his first recording as the sole MC of SBS "Strong Heart".

On the photo's released of him MC-ing for the variety show, Lee Dong Wook looks calm focused. As this is his first time as MC for the show, he did very well as he made a lot of jokes and caused laughter on the set also giving witty questions and answers. For his first recording he said, "It is my first recording and I would like to thank our PD and staff for helping me as well as comforting me and giving me reassurance. I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed it a lot especially with our guests. Also to the fixed guests, thank you so much for encouraging me. I will try my best and give out more effort and hard work in the future, I know my journey has just begun but I will try my best to give the best show to the viewers as the MC. Thank you so much to the entire staff, they were full of praise and I am looking forward to working with them".

The staff, PD's and the guests praised Lee Dong Wook on his first time being the MC as he showed off his variety skills and really worked hard for his new role as the MC of the variety show. Meanwhile, Lee Dong Wook's first episode will be aired on the 10th of April at 11:15 pm KST.

Source: nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net