[NEWS] Kim So Yeon, “Dr Jin” appearance fell through “It is a shame but I have declined it.”!

Plans for actress Kim So Yeon’s appearance on MBC’s new weekend drama Dr Jin had fallen through.
Kim So Yeon who has recently been a likely candidate for the leading lady in Dr Jin, posted on her fancafe in the morning of Apr 19. She declined the appearance in the drama by saying, “It seems that all of you are curious. It is a good piece of work and I will like to give greetings as soon as possible. But, it is a shame for this piece of work.”
Kim So Yeon’s management Namoo Actors spokesperson said, “After much consideration, it was a shame that she had decided not to appear in Dr Jin. We will look for good pieces of work.”
Dr Jin is a medical drama about the best doctor in the present who time-traveled to Joseon Dynasty in 1860. Actors Song Seung-heon, Lee Bum Soo, Kim Jaejoong and Park Min Young will be starring in the drama.

Source: Mydaily
Translated by: Shermin of JYJ3