[NEWS] Kim Rae Won to make big screen comeback

Actor Kim Rae Won will be making his big screen comeback with the movie “Superstar”, his first movie in three years. The actor has started shooting which cranked in at Seoul late last month.

On April 24th, the production company unveiled some still cut images from the movie. In a revealed cut, shows Kim Rae Won and child actor Ji Daehan, who plays a kid from multi-cultural family with unbelievable singing abilities that auditions for a musical project of musical director Kim Rae Won.

“Superstar” tells about the snobbery found in the music industry and tells the expected partnership between a second-rate musical director and a talented boy. The film was directed by Kim Sung Hoon and also stars Jo An and Lee Kwang Soo.

“Superstar” will hit local theaters during the latter half of this year.