[NEWS] Junsu and FC MEN Recognized for Charitable Contributions!

FC MEN leaves for Japan on the 27th, and has their game on the afternoon of the 28th. The team will be led by captain Kim Junsu himself and coached by actor Yoon Sang Hyeon. This is a charity match hosted for the purpose of the Japanese Earthquake anniversary. Kim Junsu plans to donate around 300 million won to Minamisoma, one of the cities that endured the most damage last year. The mayor of Minamisoma will attend the match and plans to give Kim Junsu an award that recognizes his effort in supporting the devastated Eastern Japan.
Japanese public expressed, “It means a lot to host a game in the National Olympic Statium, which is known to be difficult to rent out for purposes other than Japanese domestic competitions. This charity match will become an opportunity for deepening the friendship between Japan and South Korea”.

Source: Mydaily

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