[NEWS] Jessica to Throw Opening Pitch at Baseball Game on April 10th

On April 10th, Jessica will throw the opening pitch at a baseball game between the LG Twins and Lotte Giants, making her the latest member of Girls’ Generation to participate in a game’s opening ceremony.

In 2007, after Girls’ Generation performed “Into The New World” at the start of a game between the Doosan Bears and Kia Tigers, Yuri threw the opening pitch to Sooyoung, and would later also throw an opening pitch to Seohyun at another Doosan Bears and Kia Tigers game in April of 2009. Sooyoung was the celebratory batter at a Doosan Bears vs. Samsung Lions game in May of 2009, while Yoona was the opening pitcher at another Doosan Bears game in September of the same year. Seohyun was also an opening pitcher in a game in 2010, with Yoona as the opening batter. In the same year, Girls’ Generation was also voted as the girl group that best suits pro-baseball pitching.

Fans are anticipating Jessica showcasing her skills in sports, especially after her appearance in the CF for the Freestyle Sports line of video games.

Girls’ Generation currently endorses both LG and Lotte, and has recently released CFs for both LG Cinema 3D TV and Lotte Department Store.

Source: Osen
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