[NEWS] Jessica thanks fans for birthday wishes

On April 18th, Girls Generation’s “Ice Princess” celebrated her 23rd birthday. To express her gratitude to the fans, who have showered her with birthday wishes and presents, Jessica sent a personal message to her fans.

Jessica posted a message on Girls Generation’s official homepage and uploaded some photos taken from her birthday celebration. She wrote:

It is alright if I receive so much love and congratulations from people?
I'm very touched and grateful eu-ang~
I hope that I can express my feelings thoroughly T T (Please be expressed.. expressed.. expressed.... kekeke)
Thanks to everyone, it became the world's happiest day for me!

I~ blew out many cakes (candles)^^ heehee
Members who sang cool songs together for me, I love you (heart)

p.s. At the moment I almost blew the cake away with my power! Writer Miyeong took this picture !! hehe
Anyway it's still my birthday even if I don't look pretty... So just... Pass kekeke

Meanwhile, Jessica’s fan gave her a very special gift by placing a sweet birthday message in a newspaper advertisement. The fans also took time to celebrate her birthday on Twitter, as “#IcePrincessDay” and #HappyJungJessicaDay” both trended in first place worldwide trending list. “Happy Birthday Jessica Jung” also trended in second place.

Happy birthday Jessica!

Credit: @imwhywhy
Source: Girls Generation
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net