[NEWS] Jessica Jung, the femme fatale?

Girls' Generation member Jessica was selected as the idol who would fit the mysterious femme fatale image best.
In conjunction with the opening event of the movie ‘The Scent’ from April 9th to April 16th, movie preorder site ‘Yes24′ conducted a survey entitled, ‘Who is the idol with the mysterious femme fatale image similar to Park SiYeon, the sole witness to a murder case in ‘The Scent’?’.
Garnering 36%, Jessica took the top spot, beating fellow Girls’ Generation member, YoonA (ranked 4th) and her younger sister, f(x)’s Krystal (ranked 2nd). As her nickname ‘Ice Princess’ suggests, Jessica could give an arrogant-looking glance with a facial expression that leaves one stunned, which is similar to Park SiYeon’s character in the movie.
Through ‘The Scent’, Park SiYeon, dubbed as ‘Korea’s Femme Fatale’ will be making her comeback to the big screen, ending her 2-year hiatus.

Credit: newsen.com + fanwonder.com