[news] IU reveals her real weight and height

Singer IU revealed her real weight and height! Recently, a photo of her profile from the drama KBS "Dream High" Season 1 was shared online and on her profile, they wrote that IU's weight is 43kg and her height is 160 cm however, IU replied to her fans who were asking if it was true.

A fan asked, "is your height 160 cm or not?" to which IU replied, "My height is 161.8 cm" and then a fan asked, "is your weight actually 43 kg?" and she replied "I weigh 44 kg" and she revealed it without any hesitation. Considering that she is 161.8 cm tall she weights only 44 kg which is about 97 lbs. Netizens commented, "She's completely honest", "She is so talented and cute", "Wow, she weighs only 97lbs? How does she maintain that".

Source: TV Daily
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net