[NEWS] Infinite Challenge celebrates their 7th year anniversary with a silent celebration

MBC variety show "Infinite Challenge" celebrates it's 7th year anniversary this year. On the 24th of April, The PD of the show updated his twitter and said, "It has been seven years since Infinite Challenge was started and it quietly passed, The atmosphere now is very different and it quietly passed, I will hope for the best".

Infinite Challenge made its first episode on April 23 in 2005 and this April 23 it marked it's 7th anniversary however the celebration for this is a quiet one and it passed quietly as well because the show has been airing re-runs for weeks due to the MBC Labor union strike. It has been 12 week's since the show has been idle and aired re-runs and despite this bad news, it's loyal fans still give their congratulations to the show and said, "Congratulations on your 7th year anniversary Infinite Challenge", "It has been seven years already and it passed by this quiet?", "I really miss Infinite Challenge so much", "I hope they will have a better celebration on their 8th year anniversary".

Source: nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net