[news] How many past relationships has TOP of Big Bang had?

Ever wondered how many relationships TOP of Big Bang had in the past? Well, In strong heart, he did confess his dating history.

On the latest episode of SBS "Strong Heart", Boom and Yang Se Hyun had the "YG X-File" corner where they would reveal secrets from the YG artists. On the process of digging up secrets, the two asked TOP, "Have you ever had a girlfriend?" and to this TOP answered confidently and said, "I have only had a girlfriend three times in the past" revealing his dating history.

To this the two asked further, "Did you break up with her?" and to this TOP answered, "Of course we did". He also confirmed that he is not in a relationship right now. On the identity of these girls however still remain a secret.

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net