[NEWS] Ha Ji Won is 4-dimensional?

Actress Ha Ji Won revealed her first deviation.

On the recent recording for KBS 2TV’s ‘Win Win’ which will be broadcast on April 3rd, the MCs told Ha Ji Won “When you hear the name ‘Ha Ji Won’, one thinks she probably knows how to have fun” to which she replied, “I don't get that very often so when I hear something like that I feel very good.”

She continued, “I want to party but I don't know how.” When she was asked what the most daring deviation for her was she said, “To be honest there was only one time which I broke away from the norm. Even my agency does not know about this.”

Ha Ji Won revealed that she looks up her name on Internet websites and to maintain her mysterious image, she sneaks into her fan cafe secretly, which made the MCs burst into laughter and brand her 4-dimensional.

Source: hancinema
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net