[NEWS] The forbidden love between the “Princess of the boys” and the “Prince of the girls’ school”

The popular manga been released in the whole world and exceeding in 10 million of copies of total, the movie from “Aiore!” will be showed as a national road show sequential starting on Shinjuku Kadokawa Cinema, and the official site has been opened.

You’ll fall in love with the “Boys who looks like girls” and “girls who looks like boys” concept. On the leading role, starring Karam from the KPOP group Daikoku Danji as Akira Shiraishi called the princess of the movie. On the other hand, Ohno Ito from the movie “Koukou Debut” is in the role called Mizuki Sakurazaka, the prince of high school, and both her and Akira are challenged to Cross-Dressing.

The Girl Rock Band “BLAUE ROZEN” will appear and actually make a debut CD. The popular model AKIRA starring as Kaoru sings the theme song “Re:Birthday” and plays “ai yori aoku (so blue as love)”, already recorded.

In addition, about a series of news in Korea, Daikoku Danji website says “we are sorry if we cause you great worry about, we really apologize”. After described “the members of Daikoku Danji not have been interrogated and they are not related to this incident, We will be pleased to report with no doubts that there is no suspicion of any thing related to this incident was confirmed”. 1st Korean album was scheduled to be released in South Korea on April 17 was postponed, but the “Daikoku Danji Japan First Live 2012″ DVD will be released as planned in Japan.

Source: livedoor.com
Translation credit: Seth@StardustBoss

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