[NEWS] DSP BOYZ to debut as ‘A-JAX’

DSP Media, the agency that houses to KARA, Rainbow and SS501, has finally revealed the official name of its soon-to-debut male idol group that we know as the DSP BOYZ.

According to DSP Media on April 24th, DSP Boyz’ official group name has been decided on ‘A-JAX’. The name refers to the mythological Greek hero of the Trojan War. Just like the hero Ajax, the new group A-JAX aims to become a hero among idols.

A-JAX is comprised of Jaehyung, Yunyoung, Hyojun, Sungmin, Seungyub, Hyeongkon and Seungjin. The new 7-member group will be making their debut through a reality program in MBC called “Making the STAR DSP BOYZ” and will air on April 24, 2012. The boys are set to officially debut in May.

Source: TV Daily
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net