[NEWS] Dana shares a set of quirky new selca's

Singer Dana is enjoying spring time. On the 12th of April, she updated her twitter account and said, "I went out today and saw butterflies fluttering everywhere, Its been a long time since I saw that" and to celebrate the good warm day, she shared a set of quirky selca's.

On the photo you can see her wearing  comfortable clothes and with hair tied up it accentuates her cute face and cheeks. In her selca's she gave a variety of expressions, one with a cute warm smile, another with her face tilting 45 degress, another with a pouty face and another with her smiling and saluting. Netizens commented, "She has such beautiful eyes, nose, mouth, everything!", "Dana is so cute and she's so pretty", "She looks like a goddess".

Source: nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net