[NEWS] Collection of Yoona’s Lovely Expressions in Love Rain Read more: Collection of Yoona’s Lovely Expressions in Love Rain

The stills from KBS2′s drama Love Rain is getting attention.

Girls’ Generation member Yoona is playing two roles of Yoon Hee in 1970s and Ha Na in 2012 in the drama series “Love Rain”, exuding a distinct charm. Comparing to the quiet and elegant Yoon Hee of the 1970s, the lovely bright girl Ha Na of 2012 is more attractive to the audience. Especially whenever she is bullied by “vicious tongue” Seo Joon, the look of Ha Na pouts is winning the tender affection from audience.

While these photos present Ha Na, the cheerful charm of Yoona is also included in theme. On the filming set, Yoona is also well loved by all staff crews due to her lively and lovely personality, and is known as the atmosphere maker.

Official related to “Love Rain” said, “Ha Na and Yoona have many similarities, although continuing shooting is very hard, but Yoona who is smiling all the same is been complimented by the staffs.”

Episode 9 of “Love Rain” broadcast on April 23rd, 2012 is getting attention because of hinting on kiss scene of Jang Geun Suk and Yoona after drunk.

Source: asian-drama.org