[News] CNBLUE compliments SHINee on their ability to pull off a song like “Sherlock”!

CNBLUE leader Yonghwa met with a reporter behind the scenes of KBS’s ‘Music Bank‘ and stated, “First it was just the music, then I wanted to see how they would match this song with their performance. After watching their performance I felt an overwhelming sense of confidence from them. I felt like the five members up on the stage all delivered a message saying, ‘We are SHINee’.”

Jonghyun of CNBLUE then added, “This song is a definitely different from normal K-pop music so it is one that is hard to pull off. That made it even more of a sweet surprise. They were able to pull it off perfectly because they are SHINee. The way they express themselves through their song and performance made me feel like I was watching a scene from a musical.”

In addition, both groups are currently busy promoting their comeback songs.

Source: Nate