[NEWS] CL sheds tears at Sean’s touching story about Eun Chong Lee!

Jinusean’s Sean recently shared a touching story about Eun Chong, revealing the need for specialized rehabilitation hospitals for severely handicapped kids like these in Korea.
On the episode of SBS’s Strong Heart that aired on 3 April at 11:15 pm, Sean, Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, Tablo, Psy, Gummy, etc. – 13 artists from YG Entertainment – appeared together as guests on the show and entertained viewers with their stories.
On that day, Sean, who is a father of 4 shared, “There’s a child named Eun Chong whom I know,” and proceeded to share his story and how he was born with 6 rare diseases.
When he was born, Eun Chong’s father had quite a shock as his newborn child looked different from other newborns because of an angioma*. While transferring the baby to a university hospital, Eun Chong’s father did not even have the heart to let his wife know (of the baby’s condition), for fear that she would be shocked.
However, when Eun Chong’s mother saw her child, who was covered with a dark red patch, she said, “Our child is really beautiful. Mummy is here,” and started breastfeeding her child. Explaining the situation, Sean said, “In the eyes of a mother, no matter what the child looks like, he/she is beautiful. The saying that every child is dear to his parents is really true.” His comments moved everyone present.
Continuing, Sean revealed, “Eun Chong was given less than a year to live and his parents were even advised to give up on him. However, thanks to his parents’ care, he is still living and is 9 years old now.”
Doctors also said that Eun Chong would not be able to walk or talk, but he is currently able to walk and talk, Sean continued, sharing the miraculous story.
Sean also touched everyone when he said that Eun Chong’s father was taking part in a triathlon with his son in order to show him more of the world and to overcome the prejudices people have.
Finally, Sean added, “We are raising funds to build a specialist hospital for handicapped children such as these. My wife and I have made the first step and we hope many people would join us.”
*Note: An angioma is a benign tumor consists of small blood vessels.

Sources: CLBaddestFemale.wordpress.com and TVREPORT