[NEWS] BTOB’s Ilhoon injures his ankle

On April 14th, rookie group BTOB member Jung Ilhoon suffered an ankle injuring during rehearsal. He was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment. Despite the injury, Ilhoon performed on ‘Music Core’ with the cast on.

According to the group’s agency, Cube Entertainment, “It’s not a big accident, but it looks like we will need to observe his injury. We are still planning to continue the group’s promotion while treating Jung Ilhoon’s injury at the hospital.”

Ilhoon also tweeted via BTOB’s official Twitter saying, Hello everyone, it's BTOB’s Jung Ilhoon. I injured my leg, but it's not a serious injury and it will recover quick so don't worry but thank you. I feel that my leg is recovering already from everyone's worry ㅠㅠThank you!! >_<!”

Source: OSEN, BTOB’s Twitter
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net