[News] Baekho & Ren Mention After School & Son Dambi in Album ‘Thanks to’!

NU'EST is known as the male version of After School. They are sometimes called 'After School Boys' and they stated that it is a bit burden to be known as the male version because After School is such a popular girl group. They are also close to the girls that they even got pieces of advises from them.

NU'EST members Baekho and maknae Ren mentioned girl group After School and Son Dambi in the 'Thanks To' section of their album. Ren and Baekho thanked them for the support and advice they had given to the group.

Read the translation of Baekho and Ren's 'Thanks To' as they mentioned After School and Son Dambi.

RenThe PLEDIS trainees who practice everday, Dambi noona, After School noonas, the representative I love, the boss, workers.. staffs.. teachers.. our family.. fans.. NU’EST members!! Everyone~ Happy PLEDIS Fighting!!!

BaekhoThank you to Dambi noona and After School noonas for always supporting us and giving us advice. Noonas are the best..!! We will try our best to become great singers like you. I wish to stand on stage with the trainee friends and dongsaengs who sweat a lot in the practice room with me.. let’s create a cool stage soon!!

Source:  Elite-Rebels
Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net
Translation Credits: bunnhye @ Elite-Rebels