[News] B1A4's April Fools' Day lie? Sandeul's hazing ceremony through a hidden camera!

B1A4 revealed an April Fools' Day episode tangled in lies.

They revealed that "more than playing just April Fools' Day tricks, we do hidden cameras regularly" when a reporter recently met them at the waiting room of a music broadcast and asked April Fools' Day episodes.

CNU recalls, "When Sandeul first joined the team, we planned a hidden camera as his hazing, and Jinyoung pretended to be in much pain. He came from Busan to Seoul, and we picked him up by car to go to the dormitories. Throughout the way over, Jinyoung kept pretending to be sick, and went to the extend of falling loudly with a 'kwang' sound on the floor upon reaching home".

He added, "We set it up with the people in the company, and even though the manager hyung was right next to us, we persuaded Sandeul who had come for the first time to carry Jinyoung on his bag. He didn't even realize it when we kept shouting for someone to call an incubator, instead of an ambulance. We knew that Jinyoung could act, but we didn't expect him to fall in a sprawl on the floor. It was really funny but we had to hold the laughter in."

Sandeul who was totally fooled by the hidden camera in his harsh hazing said that, "Jinyoung said something to me while I was carrying him, but I wasn't in the right state of mind. I think I was really shocked at Jinyoung hyung hurting".

On the other hand, B1A4 is now promoting their title song "BABY I'M SORRY" from their recently released first full album "IGNITION".

Source: Kyungjae Today
Translation Credits: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com