[NEWS] 4minute's photo with THE KOXX revealed

The involvement of indie band THE KOXX in the production of 4minute's new mini album has attracted attention.

The song that THE KOXX produced for 4minute is titled "DREAM RACER", a song full of ambition and optimism. The song perfectly combines THE KOXX's characteristic sound: a grand beat and strong electric synthesizers. Girl group 4minute and international band THE KOXX have both taken time out of their busy schedules to partake in discussions about the style and message of the song. Through their collaboration with THE KOXX, 4minute has made a brave attempt to reinnovate their sound and create a unique style.

Recently, THE KOXX has been under the spotlight due to their enthusiastic participation in many international functions, such as the major rock festival "Summer Sonic" in Japan. As leaders of the Hallyu wave, 4minute will continue to experiment with different genres, as their experience with THE KOXX has opened the door to many new opportunities.

The new mini album's tracklist has caught the attention of media outlets for its wide range of producers. Shinsadong Tiger and Rado, composers of the title track "VOLUME UP", have created hits across many genres. Fans have increased their expectations exponentially due to the addition of Kim Do Hyun, Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo, Dalmatian member Daniel Kim (Day Day), and THE KOXX to the list of producers.

In other news, 4minute revealed their second photo teaser today on 4:44 P.M. KST. This officially marks their comeback after a year-long hiatus. 4minute expressed their eagerness to return and show off their transformation. 4minute's third mini album, "VOLUME UP", will be released on the April 9th.

Source: Korea Star Daily
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