[NEWS] 4minute catches attention with ghostly teaser

After releasing two image teasers, Korean girl group 4minute released their video teaser for "VOLUME UP" today on YouTube.

The teaser is set in the medieval era and the girls are seen emitting ghostly yet sexy auras. The teaser begins with Hyunah's footsteps echoing throughout a European castle, with the other members making their appearance one by one. The monochrome filmography accompanied by the saxophone gives the teaser a mysterious and alluring feeling. The teaser ends abruptly with Hyunah's piercing red glare, leaving viewers wanting more. With the release of the teaser, the members have declared their return and anticipation is rising yet again.

4nias, what do you think about this teaser?

Source: Korea Star Daily & kpopn

Translating + Editing + Reporting: applemango