[INTERVIEW] [My Love My Club] The man who is crazy for his Suwon uniform, BEAST Doojoon @beeeestdj

"Whoa! This is this season's Suwon new uniform? It's really pretty. Ah~ I want to go to the soccer field."

Suwon's new 2012 season uniform shows the acceptance admiration of the 'blue fever'. Looking around for awhile it seems that he's busy like crazy. As he saw his name 'DUJUN' engraved in English, instantly, he wore an ear-to-ear smile. He looked excited as soon as he saw the Suwon's new blue uniform, he the one who's in charge of midfielder, the official celebrity soccer player from male idol group, BEAST. When he was a kid, he had this soccer audition. It's not an easy test process to be selected into the Iho team. "I really like soccer. I do like to play as one of the Korea representative players…. Ever since I was a kid, I will work hard in playing soccer so that I have no regrets after that(?)." One of his unforgettable memories is when they were having a friendly match against Bud, while wearing the Suwon uniform as a player. I dream to be a soccer player and this has been a really unforgettable experience and it's quite an honor. There are a lot of Grand Bleu (Suwon supporters) that came and cheer for your name. I wish for that to happen again."

He has his current most favorite Suwan player though it's not just limited to locally. Park Jisung and Lionel has this animal-like instinct that has this strong Best 11'. "It's difficult to choose since I have a lot of favorite players." he said, somewhat embarrassed. He is embarrassed around captain Kim Namil who typically uses the 4-3-3 formation(?). Shin Youngrok is an inspiration to him who has carefully made his way up to the top.

To fans also, he did not forget. "Nowadays, the weather seems to be at the best for relaxing, especially when watching a game at the field. Come with good people around. It will guarantee to make your stress go away."