[INTERVIEW] Ga In's Interview in Easy Magazine 632 Issue

Son Ga In
The Reversal Life of The Goddess

The chic Ga In is actually an independant lady who has long been living alone. Surprisingly different from being the not so active girl in the program "We Got Married", it's a completely different situation in her own home!

The Loneliness of Living Alone

Always appearing so chic, Ga In gives off the impression that she would be a really indepedant woman. Maybe we can see her as the modern woman of this generation. Ga In has started living alone since about 2 years ago. But she will probably deny it if we were to say that she is a person who is really suitable for living alone. "Living alone is good for girls with boyfriends or those girls who love to go out and have fun. But for me, it's just giving me even more time to feel lonely" (*laughs).

"Even though I'm rather used to playing alone since young and having fun entertaining myself, but still living alone is really different from playing alone. But if you were to tell me not to live alone now, I'll probably won't do it either, haha."

Surprisingly Good Living Alone

Fans would probably be interested to know the things Ga In would do in her house when living alone. But each time celebrities were asked this question, they seem to think that they are the same just like everyone else. And of course, Ga In feels this way too.

"I'll just do whatever I can alone, like cleaning chores. Normal people clean their homes once every few days right, but that don't work for me. I won't allow my home to be messy. I'll clean it up the moment I see places which are dirty. My house has never been dirty ever since I started living alone, it's really the truth! And I've picked all the furniture in my house myself and some were even assembled by me, so I couldn't bare to see them
being dirtied. And because I did art when I was young, my house is actually pretty not bad!

The Mature Kind of Female Celebrity

Because of the effects of her strong eye makeup and stage outfits, Ga In gives off the feeling that she would be under the category of the mature, sexy celebrities. But it is unexpected that Ga In has actually been troubled over her more mature looks since young.

"It's true, I used to be really troubled over my more mature looks! I used to wrote about this problem everyday in my diary and I'm still keeping the diary I started when I was in elementary school. I even took it out and read it frequently when I was in high school, but not now. I've probably grown tired of it already." (*laughs) "Of course I wrote all sorts of other problems in the diary too, seems like I really did think too much when I was young, haha. But each time I look back to when I was young, I'll still feel that my younger self is really adorable."

Source: Easy Magazine Interview
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