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Ga In’s Real Variety Fashion

Singer Ga In has kicked off her second round (activities) as a fashion PR CEO in cable TV reality program and with her second solo album. Standing in front of the viewfinder wearing patterned matching looks of striking colors, let's take a look at the real variety scene of this lady.

"Through my second solo album, I want to show my feminine side rather than the strong image of the similar performances of 'Abracadabra' and 'Irreversible'. And because many others are having a lot of pretty concepts, I'll be trying to bring out my most feminine side from deep within myself."

"I think I’m really suitable for reality programs. As you know, nothing is fixed and I get to do things my own way. I'm gaining a different experience being the CEO of the PR company 'Mental Breakdown' in the show these days."

"I stay away from 'Bottom-less' fashion in my daily life. Although I wear the shortest bottoms possible when I go on shows because of my petite frame, it's surprisingly that I actually really like men clothes. There are tons of men shirts, jackets and items like these in my wardrobe. I really hate stuffy or troublesome dressing. It's even to the shocking extent that even my mum question me about why there are men clothes in the house after seeing my wardrobe (*laughs)."

"I'm going to try dating like in a real love relationship before I turn 30. They say that people look for a comfortable relationship that is stable as we age, but that kind of relationship is not suitable for me. Wouldn't we be able to keep a relationship from going boring by really fighting when we fight and having 'push-pull' games too?"

"If we were to express this in a flower analogy, I think I'm now at the stage just before full bloom. There are still endless sides of me which I've yet been able to show. "

Ga In is now preparing for her second round, which is many times more nerve-wrecking than her first. In reality and in name, the lady who have received much love for their hit song 'Abracadabra' which elevated Brown Eyed Girls to their top status, her solo album , reality program and who is now taking on the role as CEO of fashion PR agency 'Mental Breakdown' on cable TV reality program . We're expecting her to show her different charms once again. And she even gave hints on the image she had beforehand in her mind of herself in her thirties.

"The Brown Eyed Girls unnie members made their debut when they were at my current age. And I've came to the age of my unnies then. This is how fast time has gone by. I used to hate looking young, but now I even have this small worry about what I’m going to do if I'm turning 30 so soon. But it'll probably be the same for me as now even when I turn 30."

The lady who is spending her days busy both physically and mentally is preparing for her second solo album during in her spare moments.

"I'm most mindful about working on my solo album.

I plan to show my feminine side which I've kept hidden so far. I've had a lot more girl fans due to the 'fierce lady' image of the sexy concept with heavy smokey makeup. It’s not just about being merely pretty, I wanted to come back with a feminine side which only I can show. That's the reason why I've been making a lot of discussion with the staff regarding the songs or about the performance these days. And of course, the composer, lyricist and MV director knows my style so well by now that all of us know what each other wants just by exchanging looks. So I’m not worried.”

Speaking carefully in a calm tone about her work and her thoughts about her thirties, the lady chose dating as the one thing she hopes to do now.

"I really want to try being in love now. So I'll definitely date before I turn thirty. And it is also really important to receive love as a woman. Even though I've kept asking myself questions like, 'How painful would it be when lovers separate? What would I do if it's me?' all the while to immerse myself in the lyrics, but I think I'll be able to express different emotions if I have more experiences in dating. And before I turn 30, I'll do something big and talk about it. It will be a big thing, something that will be shocking for everyone to the extent of appearing on one side of the newspaper. Of course it'll be even better if it is something about my music, but it's okay even if it is about love scandals (*laughs).

"Actually I practically don't wear clothes in orange normally. But I came to see its charms in this styling which makes use of its point. Try mixing in orange color with bags, jewelries or inner wear just like the outfits worn today."

Source: instyle korea
Translated by: @Summerblues_