[INTERVIEW] EXO-M Tudou Interview!

Recently, rookie group EXO-M under SM Entertainment made their highly anticipated debut in China.

The group had an interview and are you frustrated because you didn't understand what they were saying? 

Here it is, the solution for your problem. The interview has been translated. Check it out below.

Host: We're very happy to introduce to you a group of 6 handsome men. At 100 days, they already received much love. They are EXO-M--welcome! Now our viewers must be familiar with you because your songs and MV have deeply entered their heart. Let's each say something to everyone.
Kris: Let us first do a greeting.
(EXO-M greeting)
Host: From 100 days, I think the six of you have received a lot of love and attention from your fans and on shows, so please make an introduction to everyone watching.
Host: So when you arrived at the airport, there were already many fans that received you. When you saw them what were your feelings?
Kris: I was very excited and happy. Especially since this is our first time coming we didn't think there would be so many people to see us. It was moving to have so many people show their support.
Lay: No matter where we go there are always fans that accompany us, which makes me very happy and we are very grateful. In the future we will try our hardest and I hope that you can look forward to us.
Host: In Korea, was it the same as in China where you receive so much support? For example, when you walk outside are there people that recognize, "Are you part of EXO-M?"
Lu Han: At first, when we walked out no one recognized us. But with more promotions people would start paying more attention and realize we were the ones they saw in the promotions.
Host: In your debut, the internet was also something important. Do you have your own weibo or a homepage of the sort?
Lu Han: Yes, we mainly have the company's group weibo and the group...yes. (laughs after repeating himself)
Kris: Yes we have a shared weibo. Since we don't have our own individual ones we can each leave something on the shared weibo, because we're just starting. A few days ago we left a message. We can see the comments fans leave for us there.
Host: So today the main thing is to introduce your album, MAMA. Everyone on the internet has probably seen the MV, and within the media we have recognized your music. Towards this album, when you were recording or listening to the songs did you feel any pressure since it was your first?
Chen: There was some pressure for the Korean members since it was recorded in Chinese, but the Chinese members were of much help so we were able to try our best.
Host: Your debut single is MAMA. Can you tell us the meaning behind this title and why it was chosen as the single?
Kris: Nowadays the internet (and cellphones) is very big so there might be less face-to-face interactions. With this song what we wanted to express was the most intimate (closest?) relations and feelings between people so we chose this song.
(MV shown)
Host: We just watched your MV and aside from the music, the dance was also impressive. Did you receive any specific dance training before?
Lay: Before entering the company, I hadn't received any special training. After entering the company, everyone spent some time learning dance.
Host: Was it challenging?
Lay: Everyone really likes it so it wasn't really challenging persay, but if there was something challenging, it would probably be that there was no chance to return home, at least for the Chinese members.
Host: Since you were able to make it out here today, would you be able to show a bit of your music?
(Chen and Lu Han sing What is Love)
Host: Thank you! Very good! Let's give them an appaluse. What main activities do you have coming up?
Kris: Because we haven't debuted for very long. Right now our main focus is to promote our debut album, MAMA. In the future we may have a chance to meet the fans and go to different cities in China to meet the fans there. I hope also that this can happen soon.
Host: Can you tell us a bit about EXO-M and K?
Kris: M and K are like a group of brothers, since everyone together is one large group. The 12 of us can perform together or separately. K is focused on the Korean side while we're promoting in China, because we have Chinese members.
Host: Among us there are two of you from Korea. Is this the first time coming to Beijing?
Xiu Min: yes this is the first time for both of us.
Host: What are your impressions of Beijing and its fans?
Xiu Min: Chinese fans are very loving so it was a bit surprising (? not sure if this is the right word for what he said.)
Host: Another question for our Chinese members. How did you enter the SM company?
(Kris lets Lay speak first but Lay says, "Leader first"--how cute xD)
Kris: Everyone is different. I was studying in Canada and joined through the global auditions in 2007.
Lay: I was in a competition in Wu Han when I was chosen by the company.
Lu Han: I was selected in 2010 on the streets in Korea. (host comments on how interesting this is)
(The other members go on to say how they were chosen...we've heard it all before.)
Host: As a group through your interactions were there any moments that you were unfamiliar and how would you come together to become a close group?
(I like how Tao sways from side to side here. Ha.)
Kris: At first there might be some language barriers between the Korean and Chinese membeners. But since we practiced as a unit of 12 people we formed close connections. Through working hard together we slowly got to know each other so now there's no problems between us.
Host: After 100 days you received so much attention, which must be very exciting and encouraging. In the future do you think you can do better than the other (Chinese) male groups?
Lay: I think we still have many things we can learn from other groups. Since we're special in that we're promoted by a Korean company with Chinese members, this Chinese-Korean...Chinese...(that disappointed expression in himself! so cute.)
Kris: We hope that we can tell our seniors to recognize us. Since we're promoting in the Chinese industry we hope that we can become recognized as a fellow Chinese group and meet with Chinese fans.
Host: So I know Lu Han's birthday is coming up...(brings out cake from the fans)
Lu Han: Thank you very much everyone for your support for EXO-M. In the future we will continue to work hard and not disappoint you and show a beautiful stage for everyone to see.
Host: Our fans have a couple of questions for you as well. The first question asks why Kris is the leader? How do you guys think he is as a leader?
Lu Han: He normally takes good care of people and he can speak three different languages, Chinese, English and Korean, so when our group performs in different countries, it's good that he has these language abilities.
Host: Kris, as a leader do you feel any pressure or more responsibility?
Kris: Yes. At first when the company gave me the role I felt pressure, because I wondered if I would be able to fulfill the role well since it is important to everyone in this group. But because everyone treats me so well I've never thought that it was very difficult so I just try to fulfill this role in everyone's best interest.
Host: Can you talk about each other so we can know more about you?
Tao: Then I'll say something. I'll talk about Lay. When I first entered the company, he was very hardworking in practicing, he helped me with dancing, he spent a lot of effort in helping me.
Chen: Kris is very good as a leader of a group with both Korean and Chinese members. If there's any problems with the group he will approach it very fairly and solve the problem.
Xiu Min: Lu Han has a very likable personality and his appearance is also very pretty and handsome. He also gives people a comfortable feeling.
Lu Han: I'll talk about Chen then. I'm envious of how well he can sing his high notes and regularly guide us in singing, but without being haughty/arrogant/proud.
Lay: I think Tao is very focused and I hope he can take care of his waist and leg injuries.
Kris: Who hasn't been talked about...ah, Xiu Min. We're the same age so in Korea there are older-younger relationships but we're good friends in the same year (he's trying to explain the concept of chingu in Chinese I think). So if I'm the Chinese leader, then he's like the Korean member that takes care of the group and he helps me a lot and he's also a very good friend. He has a very nice character.
Host: For Lu Han, Lay, Tao and Kris, now that you're back in China what are your feelings now that you're promoting in your homeland?
Lu Han: Very happy that we can return to our homeland.
Host: Do you have any personal goals that you'd like to achieve here?
Lu Han: I hope that we can make our music even better for everyone to see.
(Host gives them 30s to promote their album)
Kris: This time with our first mini album, we hope you will like it. We have spent a lot of effort and almost a year on this album. Each song is unique and we hope you will like it and continue to support us.
(Not sure what Xiu Min said?)
Chen: I hope that you can enjoy what each member has brought to the album with Kris and Tao's rap in Two Moons, the vocals in What is Love and MAMA, a song that shows the group's strength, hoping that you can continue to support us. 

Source: Code Exo