[INTERVIEW] BEAST Beautiful Show in Taiwan Press Conference!

Idol group BEAST held a press conference in Taiwan for their Beautiful Show Concert.

The interview has been translated and you can see the translation below.

This is BEAST 4th time coming to Taiwan, but it’s the first time to hold concert, how do you guys feel about it?
DJ: Because BEAST has come to Taiwan a lot of times, but this is the first time we have our own concert here, we’re very happy, we hope to create great memories.
Does this tour leaves a deeper impressions?
YS: Last week we ended the Japan tour, we have a little worry, yet it ends successfully, just like the name of the concert itself it ends beautifully, so we’re very happy.
Every concert last for a long time, you guys have to spend lots of times performing, are there any special preparations?
DW: During spare times, some of us like to play football, some of us do fitness. Although the trips are tiring, but the thought that we’re about to meet our fans makes us feel better.
Then… Are there any special preparations?
GK: Basically we like sports, so our physics are good, even after the concert we’re still fine
A/N: (they’re trying to say that they don’t feel so tired ‘cos they do sports a lot)

On the last fanmeeting, Gikwang let fans to see his built body (fangirl reads: abs), this time do people get to see it again?
Gk: Just look forward to what’s going to happen at the concert!
This time you guys have prepared individual/duet performances, are there anything particular?
YS: At the concert we will perform in pairs, Yoseob is with Junhyung because we have a special song for the fans, Dongwoon and Dujun have also prepared a ballad song, Hyunseung and Gikwang have prepared a very special dance, please look forward to these!
Dongwoon’s mandarin is skill is not bad, this time coming to Taiwan again have you been learning again?
DW: 大家好,我是東雲,今年22歲,愛好是彈鋼琴,我愛大家,謝謝你們。Helo evryone, I’m Dongwoon, age 22, my hobby is playing piano, i love you all, thank you.
Last time you also said those words~
DW: Actually I’ve learnt more, but I’m just showing some on the press conference, at the concert I’ll show more!
Hyunseung hasn’t said anything, would you like to say a few words?
HS: 大家好,我是賢勝,我身體很好,謝謝你們。Hi everyone, I’m Hyunseung, I’m healthy/I’m in a very good condition, thank you everyone.
Junhyung hasn’t talked too, could you say a few words?
JH: Things that I’d like to say I can’t tell you now, please look forward to tonight! (A/N: He actually said “what i’d like to say is a secret” but afraid some of you got confused, I change it a lil’ bit)
Yesterday’s incident, do you guys see it? Do you do anything to prevent/stop it?
DJ: Actually I wasn’t sure what happened, when we reached hotel we finally found out.
This time coming to Taiwan, are there any particular place you’d like to visit?
YS: I’ve always wanted to visit Taipei 101, but haven’t found the opportunity to.
Do you know KARA is in Taiwan?
DJ: In fact, we’re good friends with KARA, we know, hope together we can make good memories (in Taiwan).
Then… Junhyung is thee any suggestion of places you’d like to give to KARA (Hara?) ?
JH: Actually because I’m not very clear myself I have nothing to recommend, coming here to perform is actually because the fans’ love, hope we can have a successful concert.
Hongkong also has many B2UTYs, ever consider coming to Hongkong?
DJ: We’re also very eager to meet Hongkong fans, it’s in our plan.
After the tour, for the half year ahead after the concert do you guys have special plans?
DJ: After Taiwan concert we’ll go to Thailand for concerts in May, then we’ll begin preparations for the new album, there might be a new change/something new, please look forward to it.

credits : kpopn, chi – eng trans by B2STera@twitter