[INTERVIEW] 4minute's Interview in High Cut 75th Issue!

4minute has come back with their 3rd mini album after one year. Their title track "Volume Up" was made by Shinsadong Tiger who also made the track "Trouble Maker" for Hyunah's subunit. This photoshoot ended at 1:30AM the day before their comeback. The members' eyelids were slowly closing while Hyunah was sprawled out sleeping soundly. But as soon as the words "let's do an interview even if it's short" came out, all the members gathered around the table one by one. [After doing this interview] "HIGH CUT" can now vouch for 4minute's teamwork.

First of all, it's been 2 weeks since our last interview with Hyunah at the photoshoot with Yoo Ah-in. As expected, this photoshoot was fantastic as well.
Hyunah: I saw the magazine, but honestly I did not know it came out that great. Yoo Ah-in is someone who has a lot of impact by nature... so it was an honor.
Gayoon: That day when Hyunah came home and washed up, she kept babbling endlessly about how much she liked him. Hehe.

You've come back after one year with your 3rd mini album "Volume Up." When comparing it with your previous albums, is there anything unique about it?
Jiyoon: In all aspects, it's more mature. Our previous mini album's title track "Mirror Mirror" was like a transition phase. We were supposed to appear very feminine, but something was awkward and out of place so we were quite disappointed. Right now we are accurately portraying that image, and we've improved in terms of our abilities. During the one year we spent preparing for this album, we practiced our live performances a lot. On top of that, our song this time is very difficult... It's definitely a song in which I have to yell. Although it's burdensome, I'm trying very hard.
Jihyun: Hyunah's whistling sounds were popular in "Trouble Maker" and this time the saxophone sounds are the main point of this song. I think anyone who listens to it will have a fresh feeling.

What is the main dance for this song? There was actually a controversy over some of the "Mirror Mirror" choreography.
Jiyoon: For "Volume Up," the main dance is the turning of the shoulders during the chorus. There is also a part in the song where people watching can follow along. When we say "volume up" in the lyrics, you can raise your arm in the air, pointing your index finger. I think it would be fun to do it while singing this song at a noraebang.
Jihyun: There is nothing in this song's choreography that could trigger a controversy. We are trying to focus more on the actual live performances and we want to have fun on stage.

During your one-year break, there were many new girl groups that debuted. Was there any girl group in particular that caught your eye?
Sohyun: We pay attention to all of them. Every girl group has their own colors, but we always comment on how a group is similar or different from us.
Jihyun & Hyunah: Since we wanted our concept to be the freshest, we watched over all groups. We would follow along with their choreography too. This includes boy groups as well.

What is a strength that 4minute has over all other girl groups?
Jihyun: First, I think our teamwork is the best. And then our health and beauty. (Giggle) Finally, strong performances.
Jiyoon: First of all, I think we have strict rules in our dorms and we stick to them. There are not many girl groups that do the same. A lot of them actually live separately. We always come home on time and if we don't, we call each other. We live like a family. We also talk to each other a lot. If there is something we're uncomfortable with, we bring it up on the spot.

Since you bring up the topic of teamwork, have you really never fought with each other? There are bound to be disputes even among people working at the same company.
Hyunah: Of course there have been conflicts over small things. However, it's at the point where we're so used to it that we can't remember those kinds of fights. We fight like ahjummas. We use pet names and speak our minds in a way that will not make the other person feel bad. It's also a relief that we typically have the same views on things.

Of course we can't ignore the topic of food for girls who live together. What foods do you eat the most?
Gayoon: When we're hungry, it's definitely jokbal (pig feet).
Hyunah: Ice cream. Recently we bought half a gallon of ice cream and ate it in two days.
Sohyun: Googoo ice cream for me! And also, none of us really drink alcohol, but we love side dishes that go with it--like Hongmi chicken feet. This is why it's hard to maintain our weight.

Which member loves to eat the most?
Hyunah: Everyone. We relieve our stress by eating, and if we eat, we always eat together. Some days we decide what we want to eat the most, and then we order delivery.

Which member cooks well?
Jiyoon: Hyunah and Jihyun. They used to cook fried rice and other foods for us, but lately they've become exhausted trying to stick with their diets. (Laughs) There's always the smell of steaming sweet potatoes coming from our dorms. There is also a burning smell sometimes since we steam them so often.

Which member wakes up the earliest?
Sohyun: Jiyoon. She is the only one who can wake up in the morning so we call her "4minute's alarm clock." She's a light sleeper and her body is used to waking up early. If she doesn't wake up early, then it means she's sick.

On the other hand, who wakes up the latest and is the laziest?
Hyunah: I'll admit it. I sleep the most in the morning, but it doesn't mean I'm lazy.

This is the last question. How was today's photoshoot and what are your future plans?
Gayoon: We have not had many photoshoots up until now, but it felt new. Our concept for our current live performances is strong, but it's also dreamlike even if it's not innocent. We think, "So we have this side to us too. I wonder what an opposite concept would be like."
Sohyun: We haven't gone on variety shows much until now, but I think all of us will try to take a shot at it now.
Hyunah: All of us want to try acting as well. At interviews, we always ask people to contact us after. Especially Gayoon. (Everyone laughs)

Source: High Cut
Thanks to: kkwonsso.@4-minute.com
Translated by: Chris@4-minute.com