[INTERVIEW] 2NE1′s Interview With Oricon Style Japan Part 2!

Here is the part of of 2NE1's interview with Oricon Style Japan.

ー The relationship between you four is really good and you speak of each other very well.
DARA: It’s always been the four of us together. Though we have this age difference, we communicate well with each other. We fit each other. But during times when we have our own opinion on something and we enforce on it, testing each other’s patience, we go off by ourselves first instead of forcefully imposing. In that way, we get to honestly say what we feel after a time, and we get a better understanding of each other when we then listen to what the others have to say before drawing a conclusion.
ー Maintaining a good relationship with each other by not piling up on stress.
DARA: Though CL is younger, she’s definitely 2NE1′s lader. She has a way of looking at things about 2NE1 objectively. In this sense, the unnies are like the maknaes, and the maknaes like the unnies. Ha ha!
BOM: I really think it’s like that. Ha ha! Although DARA and I are the older unnies, we’re like the kids. While CL and MINZY who think and act older, are like the adults.
ー Especially CL as the leader, has this sense of responsibility, and she has this dignified aura around her. I understand that she has a lot of older female fans. She’s really reliable. Ha ha!
CL: I’m really happy to be told that, although it’s not just me, but all of the 2NE1 members have really matured and can be relied upon. So being the leader, I’m relieved, and I have the confidence to lead knowing of their support.
MINZY: She’s really the leader!
ー Recently during your free time, what do you do?
DARA: I go home and play with my cat, whose getting more and more adorable. It’s getting really cuter each other… Yes, I’m the foolish parent who spoils her kid. Ha ha!
MINZY: I like to watch movies, so I watch movies and then read books. I also have a dog, so I hang out with her.
CL: I don’t really like to go out much. So I stay at home.
ー That’s surprising.
CL: Ha ha! Yes, I’ve heard of rumors that I like to go out to clubs to party, but it’s actually the opposite. I stay at home, listening to music or drawing. Recently, I’ve been addicted to this American sit-com, “Friends,” so I’ve been watching the episodes all over. I don’t usually watch dramas, but I’m drawn to the story about these friends. “Ah, it’s nice~ I really envy them,” I keep thinking.
ー So although it may seem normal to us, it’s not for CL. Not just yourself, but all of 2NE1, they have a different existence since they cannot experience some things freely.
CL: For sure, this is my dream and I am living it now, so I do not have any reason to complain. So I just watch dramas and be satisfied.
BOM: I fall asleep, watching Japanese dramas. Ha ha! But recently, I’ve become a fan of the anime, “One Piece.” I really love Luffy.
ー It seems that Luffy and Bom are alike.
BOM: (beaming smile) I really think that Luffy and I resemble each other whenever I look at him.
ー This is the final question. What challenge would you like to try out this spring?
CL: Swimming. I used to swim before, so I’d like to do it again. Although it does seem a bit different here in Japan from Korea. Ha ha! I also want to go around a vintage shop. I want to buy pants and cut them up myself and make my own jeans… Ah~~ There’s so many things I’d like to do and it’s hard to say them all. Ha ha!
BOM: I want to have an ant-waist!
ー An ant-waist?! Is this a Bom quote???
BOM: This spring, I want to come out and wear short t-shirts, and show my navel. It’s a challenge so I’m going to the gym and exercise.
ー I think that you’re already good as you are, and that an ant-waist is too thin.
BOM: (desperately) No, no, no! I really want to do that! Ha ha!
ー So there’s no way to stop this desire of being beautiful. How about DARA?
DARA: Last year, I started learning how to play the guitar, but I didn’t do so well. When 2NE1 goes on a world tour, I definitely want to be good enough to play!
ー We’ll be looking forward to that!
DARA: .... (in a small voice) I will work hard so I can do it. Ha ha!
MINZY: It’s not just this spring, but I really want to be able to travel the world.
ー Travel around the world with your music, ha ha!
MINZY: I’d like to go to many different countries, bringing 2NE1′s music, and make people all over the world listen to it and make them learn to love it!
BOM: The first step, though, is to make the people in Japan listen to our music. Spring is a season of hope and a start of new beginnings. So if you have trouble in love or in work or in school, come with us and listen to our music, and then take a step forward and gain new courage!
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Source: Oricon Japan 
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