[Interview] 2NE1 on Oricon Style!

An interview that gives brand new challenges in testing the relationship between the four girls! 

After anticipating for long, they’re releasing both their single ‘Scream’ and 1st Standard Album ‘Collection’ on 28 March! 
The members’ personalities and music works will be released now! Aside from the tough/powerful women image that their music genre portrayed them to be or the fashion leading icon, they're a group of thoughtful innocent ladies who care for one another, are passionate and filled with diverse charms.

•A new track produced for Japanese Blackjacks

——The release of both Single ‘Scream’ and 1st standard album ‘Collection’ on 28 March.

Dara: ‘Scream’ is a new track produced for Japanese Blackjacks. The addictive toxic-like melody allows our listeners to feel that it’s an interesting song as the sound/melody differs from part to part.
Minzy: In addition, as you sing along with the song, your mood will become better. Before you realize, you’ll find yourself smiling because you have been singing to this song as you walk. (Laughs)

——I understand this feeling. This song is just like how you described. The song itself has this kind of energy and its increasing slowly.

Bom: Minzy’s rap in this song is really cool and she even set strict standards on herself! For me, I’ve put in more effort than before and the prominent characteristics of my voice were subconsciously projected. Frankly, when I first heard this song I felt it was hard to sing and I don’t really understand the meaning for the song…(wry smile)
However, it was really like how everyone described, the more you listen to it, the more you’ll like it that you’ll hum along to the tune of it. CL and Dara’s part also give prominence to their own charm. I'm loving the song more and more.

——Also,the lyrics is based on the scene at a Club, messing with a unfaithful guy, we made a casual decision “If there’s no change then it’s goodbye!” The first impression is so strong about a really energetic woman but also reflects a woman’s shaky inner feelings in an ingenious way. 

CL: Really fortunate to have M-flo’s VERBAL to compose the lyrics. Working with Verbal’s team was really fresh and exciting.

•2NE1’s constantly working hard to strive to be the world’s best
——The Album, ‘Collection’ also includes exciting tracks. Japanese remakes for their Korean popular tracks were also included.

CL: Because it’s Japan debut album, so we’d like to introduce to Japan on what kind of group 2NE1’s like. So we’ve also included our Korean popular and representative tracks.

Dara: 2NE1’s colors and style is all inside, everybody who doesn’t know 2NE1 could also understand 2NE1 just by listening to this album. When they see any of our members, they’ll go like “So this is 2NE1”.

Bom: 2NE1’s music not only contains 2NE1’s “Essence”, 2NE1’s new image or songs that you’ll easily remember once you hear it but also songs that can make more people happy. 

CL: ‘Fire’ is our debut song in Korea, it can also be known as 2NE1’s trademark. When people say ‘2NE1’, they’ll not think of other songs except for this. Hereafter, while we were deciding on the sequence for the tracklist, all four of us agreed that it (Fire) must be arranged as the first track. 
Not only has that it represents a new start for 2NE1 but also, instantly leaving a strong impression to those who listen to our album.

Dara: This time, the album is a re-interpretation in Japanese. Especially, during the recording of ‘Fire’, brings back memories from the past, the same kind of tension and deep emotions.

Minzy: The feeling is the same like we first debuted. However, I totally can’t get over the Korean lyrics for ‘Fire’ and getting used to the Japanese lyrics became harder for me during the recording. 
Even though the lyrics itself is really interesting and no constraints but it is really time consuming. Unlike our new song, ‘Scream’, where there’s totally no impression about it and it’s the recording that went very smoothly.

Bom: ‘I DON’T CARE’ is also one of our trademark songs. When I went to the US, someone told me “Korean group’s ‘I DON’T CARE’ is pretty good, be sure to listen to it”. (Laughs)

——You’re being promoted(Laughs) 

Bom: I was thinking “I’m the singer for this song” (Laughs). Nevertheless, I felt really touched because it’s a compliment for 2NE1.

——2NE1 is showing that there are no boundaries to music. 

Bom: So! 2NE1 lets continue to work harder and strive to be the world’s best! 

——2NE1 is already the best group. 

Bom: No, Not yet (Laughs)
——But, being so humble and hardworking makes people curious that they want to know more about 2NE1’s music and the chemistry of the group.

CL: Also, the members are appreciative and respectful towards one another. 

•The relationship among the 4… 
——The relationship between the four are quite good, they get along really well.

Dara: It has always been the four of us together. We get along really well despite our age differences. Furthermore, we coordinate really well with one another. But there are also times when you become headstrong when others don’t support your opinions. When this happens, we’ll do self reflection. At last, after mutual understanding and exchanging our opinions, we’ll coordinate on a conclusion that all of us agree on.

——Maintaining the good relationship among each other by not accumulating grievances. 
Dara: Although CL is younger and the leader of 2NE1 but her way of doing things is really straightforward. She judge 2NE1’s affairs objectively. This will give people a feeling of ‘Older sisters being the maknaes and the maknaes becoming older sisters’.

Bom: It’s true (Laughs). Dara and I are older but we’re like kids (laughs). CL and Minzy are like young matured adults and they’re really reliable.

——Especially CL-san, she’s conscious, responsible, and courteous and also there’s this special aura around her. It is said that she have a lot of older female fans. She’s really reliable! (Laughs) 

CL: I feel really happy being complimented this way. Not only me, we’re matured and 2NE1 members are someone that everyone could rely on. Therefore, being able to wholeheartedly strive to be better is because of everyone’s support. 

Minzy: She’s indeed a Leader.

—— Recently during your rest days, what do you do in general if you have time? 

Dara: I will go home and play with my cat. It’s getting more and more adorable…Ah, I’m a muddled parent who dotes on my cat. (Laughs)

Minzy: Because I like to watch movies, so I’ll watch movies, read books and play with my puppy.

CL: I don’t really like to go out. Generally, I’ll stay at home.

——This is quite unexpected. 

CL: There are rumors that I go to the Club often, in fact I don’t. I’ll be at home, drawing while listening to music. Recently, I’m a fan of this US drama, [FRIEND], I would repeat the drama over and over again. 
Although I don’t watch dramas that often but this drama depict the wonderful time spent together with friends. It’s good~ I’m really envious. 

——Perhaps, it is normal for us, but it’s not the same for CL. Our lives are different from 2NE1’s, because they cannot make decisions for them to do what they want. Therefore there is strong desire.

CL: Although I’ve realized my dream and have become where I am now, but I can’t go out freely, this situation is undesirable so I can only watch TV dramas to maintain a good mood.

Bom: I dozed off while watching Japanese dramas (Laughs). Recently, I became a fan of [ONE PIECE], I really like Luffy.

—— Luffy and Bom look a bit similar.

Bom: (Smiling from ear to ear) When I see Luffy, I also felt that we resemble one another.

•This summer, want to have a waist of an ant? !

——This is the last question. This summer, what is the new thing that each of you wants to challenge?

CL: Swimming. Although I really want to swim previously, but this seems to be the first time. In Japan, it’s different from South Korea, I can shop at ウインテ‐ジmall, buy some jeans and cut it myself to make them into beggar jeans. And also...Ah, so much to say (Laughs)

Bom: I want to have the waist of an ant!
—— Waist of an ant!Is this Bom’s quote?

Bom: This Spring, I want to wear a short t-shirt that shows my navel, hence I want my waist to become slimmer. 
So I want to challenge the fitness programs at the gym!

——No, That’ll be too slim (Waist like an ant), you look really good in your present state.

Bom: (Absolutely) No! No! I must really work hard to look like that (Laughs)!

——So it turns out that you’ve such desire of being beautiful. What about Dara?

Dara: I’ve learnt to play a guitar last year but I didn’t play well. When 2NE1 go on tour, I want to play it once!

——I’m anticipating it! 

Dara: … (Whispers) I’ll work hard in order to play it well (Laughs).

Minzy: The thing that I want to do is not necessarily something that I want to do in spring but I am thinking when I can travel around the world for once.

——Travel around the world with your music (Laughs). 

Minzy: There are a lot of countries that I want to visit to let the world listen to 2NE1’s music and love our music! 

Bom: That’s not the first step. We must let everyone in Japan listen to our music. Spring is the season for a brand new start for things and the beginning of hope. People, who’re troubled with their relationships, work or studies, could listen to our music to gain courage and take a new step together with us!

Source: Oricon Style
Chinese Translation: 小通@2NE1 Baidu Bar
English Translation: soh0712@YGLadies.com