[INFO] JYPE to release official HOTTEST headlanterns + new lightstick idea board open!

JYPE will be creating a brand new official 2PM lightstick. Ideas are being accepted on the idea board (click on 2PM 공식봉IDEA on the left-hand menu) on the fancafe, so if you have an account, you're encouraged to submit your ideas (you can submit as many ideas as you'd like!). Please feel free to include any photos, drawings, sketches, etc to help demonstrate your idea! Ideas will be accepted from now until April 15th at midnight KST!

2nd announcement: JYPE will be creating official HOTTEST headlanterns~!!!! (you may remember k-Hottest using this at Dream Concert 2011 which has since become admired by 2PM quite a bit). It will be released in the middle of the year (so perhaps around summertime?)!