[Video] Tony An & SMASH return with "Get Your Swag On" on Inkigayo

Marking the long-awaited comeback of former H.O.T member Tony An, as well as his very own group SMASH, they have joined forces for the collaboration single "Get Your Swag On."

Tony An, the 33-year old CEO of TN Entertainment, joined the group SMASH as its sixth member. This is the first time Tony will be working in a group after eight long years. As for SMASH, who have been away from Korea since their debut in 2008, and promoting in Japan since the end of 2010, the group finally got on stage in their home country again.

"Get Your Swag On" is consist of 4 tracks including the title track of the same title, "I'm Stuck," "Flash Back" and an instrumental of the title track. SMASH has been performing the songs "I'm Stuck" and "Flash Back" during their promotion in Japan for couple of years and this is the first time both songs will be available for recording and sales.

Tony An & SMASH delivered their comeback performance on this week's episode of Inkigayo. Check it out below!