[Video] Nine Muses release MV teaser for "Ticket"

Nine Muses have just unveiled the music video teaser for their comeback track "Ticket"!

As the concept photos imply, the video showcases Nine Muses waiting in the train station and features a toned down, vintage concept. The new track boasts a catchy and addictive sounds, as expected from Sweetune.

Their title song "Ticket" from the girls’ new album "Sweet Rendezvous" which will be released on March 8th is their third collaboration project with Sweetune, after "Figaro" and "News."

Star Empire stated, "We took great pains when trying to materialize the concept 'ticket'. We tried different approaches because we were curious as to what would happen if we mixed the various feels of 'ticket' with the Nine Muses colors. We will continue to showcase the various appeals of Nine Muses through the theme 'ticket'".