[TRANS/INTERVIEW] TVReport Interview with NU'EST

On KBS 2TV 'Hello' that broadcasted last year, JR and Baekho made a short appearance first, when After School's Kahi introduced them.

"We appeared on show together with After School noonas. Because the recording took place in our school, we accidentally made an appearance. Kahi noona introduced us; Thanks to her, our face come out for about 3 seconds.(Laugh)"

Baekho, "Because we live in same dorm, so we are close " then he added, "It was on my birthday. It's our first time moving to the dorm, and JR was showing me around the neighborhood. But then suddenly JR and Ren had a fight over the phone . I was really puzzled, and when I was outside, Ren was actually preparing a surprise party in the dorm. I was so surprised."

"My parents are really unfriendly. At first, when i said that i casted as a singer, their responses were like ,”You’re noisy”. So, i called the person who casted me, to ask his/her help for convincing my parents, but that didn’t work. So, with a courage, i talked to my father. Finally my father said 'If you want to do that, Then try' and he give me a permission. Now, my father is really happy when i’m appeared on TV.(Laugh)" - Baekho

"I liked singing ever since i was young. Because i live in Busan, opportunity to join an audition isn’t that much .But then a miracle came to me, i was casted on the street. I was going to eat Dalk-kkochi with my friend, but seems like I attracted an attention(Laugh)" – Minhyun

"My father was also against it. Because i live in Kangwon-do, I always wondered 'Will there be an audition here?', When I was offered about the casting, I thought I was scammed.(Laugh) At first, my father was against it, but because he know the agency, then he give me a permission. Actually my father’s dream was to be a singer." - JR

"I really want to be a singer since i was young. And also, my parents dream were to be a singer. So, they give me a permission from the start." - Ren

"My parents were against it at first, But i ranked 1st on the Audition . Finally, my parents told me to do what i want, and my parents give me a lot of supports until now ." - Aron

" Because debut is coming soon, so when we practicing everyday, we feel so nervous. We’re worried, and wondering ‘Can we do well on stage?” . So we practicing even harder. We haven't realized yet, but not long ago, when we were shooting our MV, we just started to realized the truth that we're going to debut. Honestly, we also can’t believe that we’re going to debut."


" Our own charm? Each members has their own charm. If you look after us well, we believe that we'll be able to present a great performance. And also we’ll have an unique performance so please look forward. We’ll work harder to present a cool performance for all people."

Source: TVreport
Translation Credits: @Thenuest
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