[TRANS/INTERVIEW] TEMPEST Interview in Pledis Boy Magazine Part 2


1. When you first accepted as Pledis Boys, How was your life changed ?
2. Your dream as Pledis Boys?
3. Korean Idol star you like?
4. Artist you want to meet the most?
5. Things you hate to do in the Dorm?
6. Your feeling now, that you became Pledis Boys member?
7. Most pleasant things happened recently?
8. Blood type. Your personality
9. Hobbies except dancing and singing
10. The person you want to meet the most right now
11. Thing you want to have the most right now
12. Place you want to go to the most right now
13. Favourite food
14. Your dream and plan for the future as a Man

1. From Busan to Seoul, step by step closer to fulfilling my goal
2. My dream since i was young is to be an actor
3. If it’s singer, Lee Seunggi. If it’s actor, Lee Beom Soo sonsaengnim. He was one of the judges on
4. When i was on elementary school, i watched the film , and i’m really moved. I want to meet Cho Seung Woo sunbaenim.
5. Cleaning or doing laundry
6. I can’t believe it, It’s exciting, and i feel happy
7. Because of the program i have this opportunity now. I feel so thankful.
8. Blood type O. Seems like my personality is good
9. Tenis. I’m learning to play guitar since a month ago, it’s also interesting.
10. Rather than the person i want to meet right now, i want them to be close with me. it’s my parents.
11. I am appeared in a drama or DVD
12. I want to have a trip to Europe. The old building is really attractive
13. I’m kinda picky. I don’t really eat vegetables, I like meat and pasta
14. Since i was young, my dream is only one; to be an actor. Of course, now i have a dream to be a singer too


1. I basically like to spend my time to practicing sing and dance. But, it’s a pity that i can’t spend much time to play or study with friends.
2. I lack of tenacity, so my parents are worried if i quit. So i’m working harder. My dream is to be an actor
3. If it’s singer, Taeyang sunbaenim, If it’s actor, Seol Kyeong Goo Sonsaengnim.
4. Taeyang. I like his urbanstyle dance
5, Doing a laundry
6. Eventhough i am not yet an official member, I’m really happy that i’ve became a trainee
8. Blood type AB. I don’t really shy with people i just know. I really like all people so i can be very close with people quickly
9. Black belt in Taekwondo. I learned it for 7 years.
10. Friends
11. Accessories that i like
12. Australia, I really like well-preserved nature place
13. I eat well eventhough it’s only rice and kimchi
14. I really want to be a man that just like my father


1. I can’t believe it when i passed the ‘Pledis Audition’. Time flies, and i gradually believe it. My home is in Busan, but i need to move to school in Seoul. I’m still a student so i need to attend classes, when school ended, i practice until night. Lack of sleep.
2. Singer that can make people moved
3. Not a certain group. If the song is nice, i will like that group.
4. Justin Bieber
5. Disposing a trash
6. I’m not yet an official member, but i feel thankful that i’ve became a trainee
7. When i passed the pledis auditiom
8. Blood type A. I only talk to people i know. I can’t start conversation with the person i just meet
9. i play guitar everyday
10. Parents
11. I don’t have
12. home
13. I don’t really have a foods that i like and dislike
14. Accepted as great singer

Source: TVreport
Translation Credits: @Thenuest
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