[Trans/Interview] NU'EST Interview in Pledis Boys Magazine Part 1!

The interview of new boy group Nu'Est in Pledis Boys Magazine has been translated.

You can read the interview below.


1. When you first accepted as Pledis Boys, How was your life changed ?
2. Your dream as Pledis Boys?
3. Korean Idol star you like?
4. Artist you want to meet the most?
5. Things you hate to do in the Dorm?
6. Your feeling now, that you became Pledis Boys member?
7. Most pleasant things happened recently?
8. Blood type. Your personality
9. Hobbies except dancing and singing
10. The person you want to meet the most right now
11. Thing you want to have the most right now
12. Place you want to go to the most right now
13. Favourite food
14. Your dream and plan for the future as a Man

1. At first my parents are against it. But they are
finally agreed because i enrolled in NYU (New York University) Journalism major.
But rather than being a student, i enjoy singing, dancing and doing photoshoot more.
2. Succeed!
3. DBSK sunbaenim is the best. They're no longer an Idol Star, But i really
enjoy sunbaenim's songs when i'm doing my activities
4. I really like 'Fly To The Sky' R&B style songs
5. Doing a laundry
6. Excited. It's really nice. Especially my little sister, she is really happy.
7. Appeared on After School Noonas' MV
8. Blood type A. I'm a bit shy with person i just meet. If you know me better, I talk a lot and I joke around a lot.
9. Golf
10. Parents
11. Fans
12. Home
13. I like all food
14. I really want to succeed as Musician and as a Man.


1. Before i officially become a member, I am a lazy person. Now i'm really doing my best. It's a pity that i barely meet my friends at Busan.
2. An artist that have the best dancing and singing skills.
3. If it's korean singer, 2NE1. Their Skill, Style and performance are really superb. I envy how they really enjoy the performance on stage.
4. Lady gaga. My favourite Musician, Artist. Her Fashionstyle, Stage presence, Sing, Dance, She's really good at all aspects
5. Cleaning living room.
6.I want to be a singer since i was young. Seems like it's my only dream.
7. When it's announced that i officially become the member.
8. Blood type O. Playful personality
9. Although i really like singing and dancing, but i'm interested in voice imitation too. The quote that a person said, or behaviour. People said when i impersonating, it's really similiar with the original person.
10. Family
11. Dancing and Singing skill
12. Busan
13. Kimchi jjigae, Kanjang Kkaet Ip (Sesame Leaf wrap) that my grandmother made
14. The best artist


1. When i watch TV, and listen to the music i always think "I really want to be a singer", I still can't believe it when i became the member. Other than my friends in Busan and my family, I really thankful that i can do my activities now (as a singer)
2. When my name appeared on Album, and doing a nationwide concert tour.
3. DBSK, Big Bang
4. Eric Benet. When i listening to his song, i have a lot of thoughts on my head. How can he sing with the voice like that, How can he moves everyone's heart, If i meet him, there are a lot of things that i want to ask to hime
5. Cleaning room
6. I'm so happy that can't explain it with words. I cried.
7. Appeared at After School Noonas' MV
8. Blood type O, person that people can feel comfortable with. I don't really like doing things rushingly.
9. Because being a singer is my dream, When i have a free time, I'd sing.
10. Parents
11. I don't have anything i want to have as of now
12. Busan
13. Galbi
14. The best musician


1. I am trained for 2 years. When i become an official member, Practice time increasing, And the feeling with when i was a trainee was different.
I only think that i must do my best.
2. Doing works that i want to do, I want to be singer with skill, And i want to hear (everyone) talking about me as actor with good act
3. DBSK. If you ask why? Because It's DBSK. When we have a hoobae (junior), I'd like to hear our group name if they were asked "Who's your favorite artist"
4. Eminem. I want to meet him once. How's he doing, How come he has a voice like that even if he's Caucasian, There are a lot of things i want to ask to him
5. Disposing trash
6. I'm really happy, i immediately called my parents .
7. When i'm featured on U-ie noona's "Ssok Ssok Ssok". I was happy when i'm performing with her on stage.
8. Blood type O. I barely talk to people i just meet, But if you know me better i'm really cheerful person.
9. Football and basketball. Game.
10. Parents
11. Toys
12. Going up to tall building or hiking to a mountain
13. I love everything except tomato
14. I want to live well as i'm raising a puppy


1.My lifestyle changed. Because of our Debut, we're moving a lot to do schedules. The sleep time become more less .
2. A lot of people know me, and my name, The public impressed, and all people approve my skill.
3. Big Bang
4. Sisqo
5.Cleaning living room
6. I'm really happy that i can't explain it with words, I'm really touched
7. When i heard news that i can stand on same stage with After School noonas.
8. Typical Blood type AB. i hold a grudge. haha
9. I really like listening to the music
10. Family
11. Skill as Great Entertainer
12. Jeju-do beach
13. I like all foods
14. I want to be a singer with Skills.

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