[Trans] ZINGER's Special Interview with "SECRET TOON" + S4 is mentioned!

This time "SECRET TOON" interviewed to zinger who is the member of the SECRET.
This picture means the fact that the interview was held exactly.So...Absolutely this interview is real.

Read the interview below.

Zinger's interview

Q.Please tell me why you respond to our interview.
A.Expecting on stage, I think I am not doing fan service enough as a "Zinger". For this reason, I have done "Zinger time" and respond this interview just like now. And through it, I want to show you myself. As a result, I hope many fans enjoy it.

Q.What is your appeal point?
A.May be cheerful and pleasant personality... I hope I should be calm whenever I grow old every year and watch my stage.

Q,Which hair color is your favorite?Black,Blond and Orange.
A.I want to be like a black hair.But it may not... I think "Oranzinger" looks weak...

Q.What is the standard when you do "zinger time" on twitter?
A.It is the time when I am free and come many "mention" which were sent by fans.

Q.You sometimes stay up till dawn.Then, what do you do?
A.Originally, Singers are night owl. I like seeing movies,reading books,watching TV programs which I performed. For this reason I work as a member of SECRET in morning or afternoon. And after evening, I do individual things.

Q.Please tell me the way you can find your fans at airport.
A.Really? I don't know about it... The fact that I am loved by someone make me happy. I don't pay much attention to other person.However,the fact there are persons who waiting for me moved my heart. In fact, if you have a big placard I can find you certainly.

Q.Fans think October.15th is the SECRET's debut day.But how do SECRET's members think?
A.October.15th is right. Because we can be delighted together. October.13rd when all problems were solved and released our album is also right. And finally, August 5th when SECRET members were met at office is absolutely right.

Q.What is your recommended books?
A.Every people have a difference from feelings which is happend by reading books.But our fans has to read "Secret series". Of course...all of them...!?

Q.You said "I try to change my bubbly personality." What are there any reason or cue?
A.You know...My personality is so shy.And sometimes I couldn't watch TV programs I performed. But I started watching programs little by little...But...well...My personality is accepted by many fans.However other people don't think so. Probably they think there is a woman who is 23years old and have a tomboyish character. And I think so too.Therefore, I wanted to change my personality. But I can't change it. Because people's personality aren't changed easily. However, Now I'm refraining from my tomboyish personality. Zinger isn't change easily. Don't worry~!

Q.Do you watch "Secret Toon"?
A.To watch "Secret Toon" or not...

Q.Except in "AMAZINGER", What is your most favorite song in SECRET's?
A.I like "MOVIE STAR". Because I like my rap part in this song too. The whole of lyrics may imply us. So I feel fresh. And it's different from song we usually sing.

Q.When you make a lyrics,what is your important things?
A.At first, I think about context of lyrics. And then I try to experience a indirect things which related with lyrics. So I usually watch movies,read books and listen to music so much. Furthermore,
I summarize the note which I wrote down my ideas.

Q.Do you have any enthusiasm about "Asia Tour"? And...Do you prepare anything special?
A.Let's enjoy! Are you looking forward to seeing something special?

Q.Secretfour sent TS.Ent many presents in SECRET's 2nd Anniversary and your birthday.And then they were received exactly? Many foreign fans have worried about it.
A.oh... I haven't received yet... I should make a phone call to my office immediately...

Q.Tell me the reason why you don't answer to "the mention" of foreigners?
A.You know... People can't break Language barrieres easily...

Q.Sometimes you may be stressful. In the case,what is the way of stress reduction?
A.Well...There are no any special things in recently. So I want to ask you the way of stress reduction.

Q.Where do you see yourself in 10years?
A.Well...The time when I am 33years old...It's secret.

Q.Please some message for fans.
A.I will always be with you!!

Credits: Secret-a.net, SECRET TOON, FuckyeahSecrettime