[Trans] U-KISS HFW Interview

The 7 member boy group “U-KISS” of South Korean origin, have carried out the simultaneous release of their new single “Forbidden Love” and their first original Japanese album “A Shared Dream”. With each release, they are prosperous with their high rank on the charts and, they will charm you with their new refined expressions, powerful performance and activities that are always full of energy. HFW approaches them, who hold an endless potential, for the secret of their popularity and appeal!

Impression of Japan
The first time we came to Japan, we had an admiration for the environment of the beautiful streets and the surroundings. More than anything, the colour of the sky is really pretty. We also have an interest in Japanese culture and, we also love their [Japanese people] personality!

U-KISS’ charm
Since all of us have an experience of studying abroad and are an international group, we respectively speak Chinese or English, and of course Japanese, and other various languages. Also, when we communicate with fans, we use social networking sites [example: Twitter], we’re aiming to be able to have a close relationship with them, like when directly meeting family or close friends. Since each person in U-KISS is very individual, we think that we can have fun exchanging about music or performances with you!

Passionate performance of the new single, “Forbidden Love”
We take lessons to be able to charm you with different expressions from our regular selves, like “cool” or “sexy”. This time in “Forbidden Love”, it’s a bit of different from what we’ve done up to now, we’re charming with more adult-like passionate expressions, we’re really looking forward to the fans’ reactions.

The beautiful harmony of the 7 members in the 1st Japanese album “A Shared Dream”
This time we challenged ourselves with a ballad in Japanese, prior to the recording, we understood the meaning of the words, and challenged ourselves to firmly include those feelings. But as we thought, since the pronunciation is difficult when singing during lives, we have to be sure to practice sufficiently!

Japanese fans
Japan is soaked in the culture of “listening” to music. The fans in Japan strongly respect us as artists and we’re very glad that they gently watch over and support in order to help us.

Japanese fashion
Japanese girls are very healthy and very stylish! We really think that, in the whole world, Japanese people are highly receptive to fashion.

The fashion that U-KISS aims for
We’re pleased with monotone items, jackets, shirts, etc., a style that looks nice to our eyes. Also, since we usually go training and to lessons a lot, we’re always looking for casual clothes and items that you can move in and are cheap, but still look good and are cool. Just some time ago, we went shopping after a long time, there were too many things that we wanted, so we bought too much (laughs)

U-KISS in the future
Our biggest objective right now is for the safe success of the nation-wide zepp tour we’re currently performing. And, we want to show our growth to all the fans nation wide during our additional lives in July. Our objective after that is to come in contact with more fans at an Arena or Dome type of giant hall. Afterwards, we’d like to, not only do singing activities in Japan, but acting activities or variety programs as well. U-KISS will work harder in order to be recognized, not just a “Hallyu artist”, but more firmly, as a “first class artist doing activities in Japan”!

A message for the readers of HFW
Since this is our second time in Hokkaido, we’re very happy to have come here again. Thus, we’re able to have came here with a tour thanks to the fans who are supporting us. From now on, please give us a lot of support!

Source: Hokkaido Fashion Web
Translation/Edit: candleshu