[Trans] SHINee's coming soon! - Staff Diary Update

The staff diary update of SHINee reveals the new hairstyles that SHINee would be having for their promotions.

Also, it comes with a message and an attached picture of their new hairstyles.

Hello : )

There’s not much time left until the day of the comeback.
So to the fans whose hearts are going Sherlock-Sherlock,
(T/N: A pun on the Korean sound “sshillook-sshillook,” an onomatopoeia for dancing.)
I’ll reveal the images of the members from the CeCi photoshoot~ haha

The cover models of the CeCi April edition that will be published next week!
The shining SHINee
Look forward to them a lot~~^^

Are you excited for SHINee's Sherlock comeback already?

Source : shinee.smtown.com

trans cr. : kimchi hana @ shineee.net via Shawolindo