[Trans] SECRET TALK with CNBLUE (ViVi Magazine)

Boy Band CNBLUE is featured in ViVi Magazine and had an interview.

As we promised, we will post the translation of the interview once it is up, so you can now read the interview of CNBLUE in English below.

ViVi is monthly girl’s fashion magazine. CNBLUE received “ViVi dream prize” at GDA (Golden Disk Awards).


Q. What motivated you guys to start band?
YH: When I was in a junior high school, I had a friend who was good at guitar. I asked him “please teach me”.
JH: At first I was singing alone, but when I saw Eric Clapton-san, I thought I wanna play guitar. Besides, I saw Bon Jovi-san, I thought I wanna play as a band.
JS: When I was in a junior high school, I saw Billy Sheehan-san, Mr.BIG bassist, and then I was into playing bass.
MH: Since I saw MAROON5-san, US rock band. Vaguely I started playing drums though, when I saw QUEEN, Roger Taylor-san, I was into playing drums. I thought it’s cool to sing while playing drums.
Q. What’s the happiest episode when you guys got Japan major debut?
YH: It is we could hold live concert at Yoyogi Gymnasium.
MH: I was happy when I saw an AD track of our CD running in the city!
Q. What’s the difference between the music industry in Japan and Korea?
YH: In Japan there’re lots of bands, “ippai“(many) bands exists even in ranking chart.
There’re many dance groups in Korea.
Q. About “Where you are”, what’s the focal point do you guys want us to listen carefully?
YH: I still choose chorus part. It’s filled with the song theme, “someone who got frustrated with his dream, stand up again”.
Q. Please let us know your impression when you got “ViVi Dream Prize”.
YH: Of course we felt happy.
MH: Among “ippai“ (many) artists, we are happy to get such a fine trophy.

I’m honored to appear on such a cute girls’ magazine.—Min Hyuk

Q. What do you have an impression about “ViVi”?
MH: I have an image of magazine for cute girl. We can find ViVi often at Korea too, so I’m honored we can appear on such popular magazine.
Q. What song do you recommend for ViVi readers, who are in love?
YH: “Love Light”, it’s in our Korea 2nd album “BLUELOVE”.
Q. What song do you often hear before sleep?
JH: I often listen to blues. Like John Mayer-san or Eric Clapton-san.
JS: Rachel Yamagata-san. because it’s quite songs.
Q. What song did you listen before coming here today?
YH: Nothing. I was sleeping in a car.
JH, JS: It’s “Where you are”.
MH: I listened to ONE OK ROCK-san song.
Q. What Japanese song do you want to cover?
JSONE OK ROCK-san song. Then, I want to cover L’Arc~en~Ciel-san “Driver’s High”.
Q. Where do you get an inspiration of composing?
YH: From watching various dramas and movies.
Q. Please let me know an episode of song that you made recently.
JH: My songs are almost ballads, but I wanna make a song that we can be excited during live, so I made “Get Away”. This is the first song that has such fast tempo.

CNBLUE is my family and a part of me—Jong Hyun

Q. To whom do you reveal your song(s) first?
JH: Members. They say “good song” tentatively, but I can know their real impression just from seeing the look in their faces.
Q. When did you compose your first song? / When did you start composing?
JH: When I was in 2nd year of senior high school.
Q. What Japanese lyric was difficult to sing?
JH: “sorezore” (*It’s in “In My Head” JH part) is hard to sing for example. Besides, English was also hard to pronounce for me. The lyrics of “In My Head” “I wanna” is different from Korean pronunciation, so I had a hard time.
Q. What’s the difference between live performance on the street and big venue?
JH: I like small venue too. But I’m nervous at there, because the audience are near.
Q. What do you guys do before your live performance?
JH: Shouts (yell). We say like “Let’s play and dedicate our life!”
Q. What animal can you compare to members on stage?
MH: YH hyung is monkey because he runs around the stage. He runs too much. So, I’m worried about whether he can get back to his position (laugh). JH hyung is turtle because he often shrugs his neck while he is playing. JS is calf (child cow). He’s long leg, inner thigh standing, like calf.
JS: MH is small bird.  His way of waving neck while playing drums, is like a small bird who get a food from his mother.
Q. What are you doing if you were not a member of CNBLUE.
YH: I’m still a trainee of our office.
JH: Athlete. I was doing Judo, I was going to go into high school as sports recommender.
JS: College student studying photo, or model.
MH: I think I’ll become a college student.
Q. What do you think CNBLUE will do 10 years after?
YH: I wanna keep playing music.

I have various faces.—Yong Hwa

Q. Please explain yourself in one word.
YH: I have various faces. Like a chameleon (laugh).
JH: Manly. I wanna be so!
JS: “diverse”? Besides, I’m the youngest in CNBLUE, so I’m a mood maker (laugh).
MH: I easily get worried. I’m always thinking of so many things.
Q. What’s your favorite girls’ fashion?
YH: I like a girl who can choose her clothes according to “TPO“(time, place & occasion). If we’ll go outdoor, then should wear “rough” clothes for example.
JH: I don’t care, because I’m not so interested in fashion. It’s enough if she wears the clothes that fit herself.
JS: I like a girl who dresses cool on white sweater with skinny jeans.
MH: I like simple one. Flashy is.. (I don’t like).
Q. What fashion item do you have the most?
YH: Watch. Before I like ring, but I don’t like it now anymore. I don’t know why, because I got old?
JH: ’80s British items? It’s like easy but cool.
JS: I like black. 70% of my items are black.
MH: Watch.
Q. What’s your favorite part of your face?
YH: A mole in my left eye lower eyelid. In Korea, it is said that it’s not good to have a mole under eyes, but I like it.
JH: Eh! Its eyes and white skin.
JS: My answer is “none” though people around me said that I have good eyes or lips.
MH: Honesty, nothing. I don’t like my small eyes. If I’m forced to say, skin.
Q. What something do you want the most now?
YH: Nothing.
JHGuitar. I have a red one, then I wanna clean color one, like an emerald green.
JS: New bass.
MH: No matter what kind of one, I want a car because I can go anywhere.
Q. What stuff does you always carry with you?
YH: Earphones. Using to listen to music or watch drama with iPad. If I have earphones, wherever I am I can immerse myself in it.
JH: iPad. I’m surfing internet.
JS: iPad. Watching Japanese drama and movies.
MH: Wallet and iPad.
Q. Who do you like Japanese actress/star?
YHAoi Yuu-san! She has good smile.
JHAragaki Yui-san. I watched her drama, she so “kawaii desune~” (cute).
JS: Takeuchi Yuko-san. I can’t forget my impression of drama “Pride”. I wanna marry with such lady.
MH: Horikita maki-san. I knew her unexpectedly by magazine, I thought she’s “kawaii na~” (cute).
Q. What do you do when you wanna be relax?
YH, JS, MH: sleep!
JH: compose songs.
Q. What do you do always when you come to Japan?
All: We necessarily eat gyodon and ramen.
Q. What’s your most favorite food in Japanese?
YH: Ramen.
JH, JS: Tebasaki.
MH: Hamburg steak. Is it not Japanese food!?
(*I think MH & JS answer should be reverse, maybe)
Q. What do you wanna do if you have a 1 week holiday?
YH: I wanna go to “onsen“(hot springs).
JH: “ippai netai”(I wanna sleep a lot).
JS: I wanna go on a drive.
MH: I wanna go to “onsen” and wanna “nonbiri” (relax).
Q. When do you feel the happiest?
MH: When I’m playing live perform. Because I can enjoy it with fans!
Q. Who’s the most “moteru” (popular) guy in four?
JS: Still YH hyung. “ikemen dakara” (because He’s handsome)(laugh).
Q. Who’s the most trained his body?
YH: JH. His hobby is exercise.
Q. Who wakes up the most early?
JH: JS and MH.
Q. Who stays up late the most?
MH: YH hyung and JH hyung.
Q. Who eats a lot the most?
JS: YH hyung and me.

Our goal as a band, to rank in billboard! —Jung Shin

Q. If you go on a date in Korea with Japanese girl, where will you go?
YH: I was born in Busan, so I’ll go to 海雲台(haeundae). There’s a resort spot being develop these days, there’s lots of foreigners, fashionable place.
JH: I was born in Busan too, then I’ll go to 松島(songdo) beach. That’s a beautiful sandy beach.
JS: I’ll go on a driving date to 湖水(hosu) park located in 一山(ilsan), suburbs of Seoul.
MHHaneul park, located in World Cup park in Seoul. It’s in a high place, so the landscape is very beautiful.
Q. At the end, please say message to ViVI readers!
This time thanks for giving us ViVi Dream prize. We are happy that you love our music and performance. We’ll make an effort to play music and also fashion, so please support us!

NOTE: Statements followed by an asterisk (*) sign are translators notes.
Translated by ketch@cnbluestorm
Proofread and edited by L@cnbluestorm