[TRANS] Pledis Boys Magazine : 4 Days 3 Night Trip to Sapporo!


Finally, i have an opportunity to trip to another country. My heart is beating hard when i know i’m going to have a trip to another country. And, i’m going to Sapporo! I saw on TV before, the snow covered some place on Sapporo. It was so beautiful. Now, not much time left until me, and other friends going to step on that place, in real life.

Even when i sleep, i feel so happy, that my eyes slant upwards. Time flies so fast, and it’s already the day to leave for a vacation. It was really nice. As soon as we get on the plane, we nearly falling asleep. After we seated side by side, we are looking at the small korea through window and then sleep. We were sleeping for 2 hours and we finally arrived in Tokyo! We are looking around at the shops on the airport. We have 3 hours until we get on the transit plane to Sapporo. The shops in airport were so complete start from clothes, character stuffs, until foods.

Manager gave us a box. Inside the box was bread that shapped like a banana. It looks like a normal bread, but it has a soft banana cream inside. It was really delicious. We ate it one by one until the box empty. With a dissapointed heart, we took a photo. And then, 3 hours passed. We get on the airplane and we feel sleepy again. Seems like someone put a sleeping pill in the plane. And then we sleep again. Then we arrived in Chitose Airport after 7 hours!

After getting off from airplane, we open the window, and everything were blanketed in snow. At that time, i immediately think ‘Ah! I finally arrived in Japan’. Then I’m smiled. Finally, i get the first stamp on my passport. It was so amazing,
that we keep opening the stemped passport. So proud. Seems like people going to trip because of this feel. In front of Airport, Ajusshi from the dorm picked us up. But, because we have too much baggages, we need to split; 3 people ride a car, and 3 other people ride subway to the dorm. Among 3 of us, our manager not really tired so he ride a subway. Even i’m tired too, seems like JR and Ren tired more than me. So Ren and JR leave riding a car, while me and manager go to subway station. When i’m walking, i slightly dissapointed. I’m hungry and sleepy..I remember the other two that reading the car..so sad..

When i’m riding the subway, i just realized. Nothing written in Hiragana, and here is Katakana and Kanji heaven. I’m really at loss. I’m so sad that i can’t read anything. Note to myself; I need to study Katakana and Kanji in the future. The japanese subway and korean subway is different. so exciting. And, i saw Hokkaido that covered with snow through the window. And finally, we arrived. Another Ajusshi was waiting for us in front of the subway station. So, we comfortably went to dorm with car. After unpack the baggage on hotel, Strangely i feel hungry. So, Manager bought us a Chobab . The Chobab we ate at korea and Chobab here are different.

On way back to dorm, i saw a big snowman. I took a photo in front of the snowman,But because it’s night, the photo didn’t came out well. It was the first day, we didn’t do anything, and it’s a pity if we just return to hotel so we went to a shopping mall. In the building, There’re Puppies, Kittens and hedgehogs in the arcade. JR and Ren play on the arcade while i’m looking at the animals. And, there’s a vending machine so we bought a beverages. The taste of beverages we drink in Japan and Korea are different. We went to supermarket and bought an Ice cream, cup ramyun, biscuit and onigiri. After we arrived on dorm, before we going to wash and sleep, we ate the things we bought on supermarket. Cup ramyun didnt taste that well. Seems like the foods i bought not my taste. So i
ate Haetban and Chamchi i brought from korea. It’s really delicious. It seems like korean should just eat korean food. After eat a lot of things, we turn off the lamp and lying on bed, then share some stories. I don’t remember that i slept. It was a long day. Japan Trip First Day.



JR and Ren waked me up. I hate waking up. I need to wake up, but my body won’t move. my eyes won’t open. My eyes opened for a while but i’m still sleepy. I came after wash up and breakfast are prepared on the table. The sidedish is still same with last night, a Tuna. It was really delicious. And there’s also a ramyun that i brought from Korea, As expected, It’s so delicious. We ate breakfast, and then getting ready to go out.
There’s no footprint in the snowy road! It seems like i came out the quickest so i feel good.

I really like the sounds of stepping on snow. Today i use boots so it’s okay if i step on snow as i want. Really nice. We’re going to chocolate factory so we need to go to Shiroisi Station. But we didn’t know the road. There’s only one way. Asking to the people! I then immediately think ‘I finally going to use japanese phrase that i learned’.

‘Sumimasen. Shiroisi Ekiwa Dokodesuka?’

Hul. I don’t know what does he/she said. If that person didn’t explain to us using body language, we won’t know how to go to the station. On the road, we had a snowfight and finally we arrived at Shiroisi Station. We ride a subway and get off on the station near the chocolate factory. We can eat and make a chocolate here, and then we’re looking at old toys. we can’t stop taking pictures with the pretty characters.

And, we arrived at the famous place where the movie taken at. We ride on subway and we saw the cool sea through windows. At the moment, i remembered my home. Are my parents doing well?. At the Chocolate factory We took a photo and then had a snowfight, then had a lunch. We arrived in a restaurant, and the snow is crazily falling. I didn’t know hitted by snow can be as fun like this. I barely feel cold. As we get hitted by snow, we walk on snowy road and spend time by taking pictures. As we’re going back to dorm, Ren mistaken japanese people as our stylist noona at the station and said “May i dust off (the snow)?” and then he just dust it of.
But then ‘Ah! A Japanese!’ That person and us just smilling, and Ren, because he’s embarassed he doesn’t know what to do..indeed Ren. In front of dorm, we made a snowman and then played with firecrackers. But then we received a mission. Searching hotel our manager staying tomorrow, until 7:30AM! With a sad heart, i went to sleep.



We woke up at 5AM and going out at 5:30AM then going to Shiroisi Station. What should we ride to go to the hotel?
I was about to asked Ajusshi at the Station. But I don’t know what to say to him. What will happen to us. We asked to the people again, and she/he said we can ride Nanbokuson at Sapporo station. So, we went to Sapporo station, but because we don’t know where’s Nanbokuson so we asked a girl. That girl take us to the subway. We met an angel at Japan! Thanks to her, we arrived at the hotel on 7AM. Mission accomplished!

We ate breakfast at the hotel, and then going to Hokkaido University. There’s a monument of William Clark on Hokkaido University. We are going to stand in front of the monument and swear that we will study hard and practice hard. Then we took a photo on the monument, then going to K-POP Festival Concert to meet Orange Caramel Noonas. When we arrived it’s already ended. After the Concert ended, it’s kinda pity but i’m happy that we meet Orange Caramel noonas.

We’re looking around Sapporo and found music store. When we’re looking at the albums, i found Exile’s CD. In that CD there’s a song “Chu Chu Train”. Ah
It’s really nice to meet this song. I’m looking around again, then finally found korean singers CD. I really want to be famous soon, so my CD will be in this store too. After that, we went to take a dinner, because we found the sushi restaurant so we order the sushi. But then the manager asked “Do you want to sleep in hotel?”. And then, we shouted “Yes!”. We return to the dorm, packing and then go to the hotel. At hotel, we bathe in the hot spring. And then we played a game. We did rock-paper-scissor, the person who lose, should lie on snow for 30 seconds. Ren lose. He lose in first try. 10 seconds cold. 20 seconds hurts. 30 seconds can’t explain it with words. After playing, we went to eat japanese ramyun. Then we happily sleep at the hotel.


Bye Sapporo..

Finally, the day to return to Korea. We ate Milk Ice Cream at the airport. It was delicious. We received presents from manager. JR accepted Green zip-up hoodie . Ren accepted T-shirt, And i received Red zip-up hoodie just like JR. Am i a couple with JR?! We bought souvenirs, and took a photos and then
the fun Sapporo trip finally, ended.

Source: pledisboys magazine
Translation Credits: @Thenuest
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