[Trans] Kome-World report: JYJ in Peru!

On 11th of March 2012 the popular Kpop group JYJ had a mass presentation in the Explanada del Estadio Monumental in Lima, Peru, in which the trio established themselves as the first Kpop group in offering a concert in Peru.
At 8.06pm the lights turned off and not more than 5 minutes later, images with the group logo invaded the stage screens, followed by images of the cities where they have presented themselves during the World Tour or fans images. After some technical and sound problems, which obligued to repeat those images, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu appeared on stage, wearing red and white outfits and they started the concert giving it all with “Empty.”
The crowd of about 6 thousand fans dressed in red and with lights in the same colour became soon a red sea which didn’t stop moving at the rhythm of the song, following each member’s movement. A song in English demonstrated the harmonic unity of their members, as well as their charm, which made them so popular in Peru last months. Accompanied by their dancers, they walked along the T-shaped stage and they waved to their fans, fans who had been expecting them all these months and once the song was finished, suddenly they disappeared from the stage.
In their abscence, the screens showed a message for all their fans in South America. Then Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu went back to the stage to give the message personally and they were received by the tireless screams of their fans. They introduced themselves as JYJ and they practised their Spanish saying “¡Hola, soy Junsu! ¿Están listos? ¡Vamos!” (Hi, I’m Junsu. Are you ready? Let’s go), provoking the excitement of those present even more and they were grateful for such a warm welcome. They continued the show with the song Pierrot, accompanied by their dancers who were using harlequin masks and moving in allusion to them, while a background screen of zigzagging lights in red and white marked the atmosphere, emulating the sea of read lights which didn’t stop shining.
During the song Ayyy Girl, each member went to a side of the stage, to dance later along the catwalk with their dancers to the rhythm of this sensual ballad. They continued with the song “Be My Girl- Remix-, connecting even more with the audience through a very well done choreography together with their dancers and a comradeship among the 3 members that showed the years of experience they have had together. All this just raised the ecstatic response of the thousands of fans who didn’t stop moving their red lightsticks and banners. After brighten up the atmosphere, the trio left the stage for a moment to give way to another video about their daily lives.
After that, only Yoochun came back to the stage, to perform his solo song “I love you” and as if by magic, the sea of red lights of the audience changed to blue, Yoochun’s colour. With only two dancers accompanying him and wearing a more formal outfit, in black colour, Yoochun walked along the stage performing this catching ballad. Then it was Jaejoong’s turn, who also had a change of outfit, in line with Yoochun’s, in black and purple tones. While performing his solo “I’ll protect you”, which is included in the drama OST Protect the Boss, this time the audience lights changed from blue to green. Both songs were ballads full of emotion. Junsu’s solo destroyed that continuity, as he performed “Intoxication”, a song more lively and full of dancing, which made his fans go crazy when he made his “Sexy Dance”, something that many fans were asking for in their banners and Junsu gave them willingly, leaving his fans ecstatic because of his movements in stage. He also changed his outfit to sating black and he was accompanied by white lights on the fans’ side.
Already with the three members on stage, they performed Found You, with a purple background screen which helped to bring out his new outfits. The fans didn’t stop singing the traditional “fan chants”, singing keywords like “Sarang He” in unison. After finishing the song, the members left the stage again to give way to a video about their arrival in Lima, Peru with images of the fans waiting at the airport, what surprised the audience and caused joy, as they couldn’t receive them at the airport. However, they were aware of the welcome and when they showed the images in the video, the fans saw their effort rewarded.
After those images, they returned to stage to perform ”I.D.S”, with another change of outfits in similar tones to the previous one. This song was interpreted almost in its totality at the end of the catwalk, for the pleasure of all their fans in the remotest areas and they continued with the songs “Be the One” and “Fallen Leaves”. After these 3 songs they gave way to a special video in which they documented their stay in Peru until that moment, with images at the hotel and at their free time, generating admiration in their fans, who keep quiet with each image appearing in the screens.
They came back to stage with the lively song “Mission” and a new outfit in black and golden tones. This was a more active song which made everyone present dance and sing. With images of red laser beams on the screens the illusion of being at an open air disco continued.
After such a lively song, and in order to rest, they made another MC but this time they interacted more with the audience. Junsu shouted in Spanish: ¿Disfrutamos? ¿Están listos? (Are you enjoying it? Are you ready?) and he wondered in Korean: ¿Por qué no vine antes a Perú?” (why didn’t I come to Peru earlier?). After getting a positive response from the audience, he continued: “Thanks for your passion and love. There are many pretty women! I love you! I will return to Korea with memories.” Then it was Yoochun’s turn: “Thanks for coming. How did you discover JYJ?” and fans answered shouting at the top of their lungs: “Internet!” That answer made the trio smile and Yoochun said he hopes they can return to Peru. Then it was Jaejoong’s turn: “Good night! I’d never imagined there would be so many people here! I have noticed there are many fanboys!” After making the fanboys alone shout, they announced their last song, “In Heaven”.
When they finished, they left the stage for 5 minutes with the fans singing: “¡Si se pudo!” (Yes, it was possible) once and again. This time all the members lights were on (red, blue, green and white). Some time later, they came back to stage to perform the encore which started with the song Get Out while they were wearing a more casual clothing, with jeans and white T-shirts and having confetti explosions on the stage at the end of the song. The concert ended with the same song it started, but this time a remix version. They ended the concert giving it all and they left the stage saying goodbye and thanking in both Spanish and Korean. The last images on the screens are of each member, the lights turn off and an hour and half later the show is over.
01. intro
02. Empty
03. Pierrot
04. Ayyy Girl
05. Be my Girl
06. I Love You ( Yoochun Solo)
07. I Will Protect You (Jaejoong Solo)
08. Intoxication (Junsu Solo)
09. Found You
10. I.D.S (I Deal Scenario)-Be The One Remix
11. Fallen Leaves
12. Mission
13. In Heaven
14. Get Out Remix
15. Empty Remix

Source: Kome-World

Translated by: @minhato